Access Request Module

Access Request Module

$2,498.53 USD
8 weeks
The Access Request Module, CE-SA-017-0001 is a versatile safety solution for controlled access in machine environments. With standard emergency stop support, accommodation for up to 4 guard locks, and redundant input for box detection, it ensures robust safety. Its daisy-chained status simplifies setup, and it accommodates unlimited push buttons for access requests. It enables access into a cell by pressing the unlock button, ensuring safety by allowing the robot to complete its cycle before unlocking the door. Behaviorally, upon an access request, the module configures the cell to a safe state, activates safety measures, and unlocks guard locks after a 5-second delay.
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General Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Part Number CE-SA-017-0001
Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 178.0 x 157.5 x 135.0 mm
Unit Price $2,498.53 USD

Technical Specifications

Spec Attribute Spec Value
Supply Voltage 24 V
Certification CE, IP54
Temperature Range 0 to 40 °C
Included in the Box
  • 1x Access Request Module (CE-SA-017-1001)
  • 1x MachineMotion 2 Safety Extension cable - 5m (CE-CA-102-5001)
  • 2x MachineMotion 2 Safety Jumpers (CE-SA-102-0001)
  • 1x Dry Contact Jumper (CE-JP-000-0002)
  • 2x Guard Lock T-Splitter (CE-SA-124-0001)
  • 1x Mounting Bracket (CE-HW-005-1002)
  • 2x M8 x 18mm Screws (HW-FN-003-0018)
  • 2x M8 Drop-in Spring Loaded T-Nuts (HW-FN-002-0001)
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