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Vention Automation Partner Program

The Vention Automation Partner (VAP) Program is a global ecosystem of automation companies who are dedicated to providing highly differentiated technical solutions.

Built upon the Vention Manufacturing Automation Platform, becoming a VAP is a competitive advantage which enables solution providers to design, automate, deploy, and operate faster than ever before.

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Trusted by system integrators worldwide

MS Electronics Niederrhein Automation Hannafin Automation & Industrial Controls Inc. Kanavu Automation Plus One Robotics Mid Atlantic Machinery JJ Smith Sycodal

Partner Benefits

Tailored benefits to your unique needs

Your success is our success. Through this program, gain a competitive advantage to take your business to the next level.

Enhanced operational efficiency

From margin and deal registration to application fit and more, we have created a program structure and product offering tailored to your needs.

Tailored product portfolio

Products specifically developed to solve the speed-to-market gap with a dedicated team to address partner’s unique business needs.

Effective co-marketing initiatives

Unlock various co-marketing initiatives through trade shows, social media, public relations, and more to boost your business.

Unparalleled business benefits

Receive measurable and tangible benefits, including improved working capital, reduced inventory holdings, streamlined engineering hours, and more.

Partner Collaboration

Vention Automation Partner success stories

Accelerate your organic growth and profit through a partnership with Vention.

Apply to the VAP Program

Kanavu Automation

  • 9k+ impressions
  • 16% click rate
  • 20% engagement rate
Kanavu Automation

SE Automation

  • 8k+ impressions
  • 14% click rate
  • 18% engagement rate
SE Automation

Mid Atlantic

  • 7k+ impressions
  • 12% click rate
  • 15% engagement rate
Mid Atlantic

Program Advantages

Vention Automation Partner benefits

Maximize ROI with coordinated sales motion, promotional support, and co-marketing opportunities, creating an invaluable partnership.

Benefits Preferred Strategic Elite
Trade show support
Demo program
Roadmap insights

Vention Automation Partner

How to join the program

Join the VAP Program

1. Apply to the program

Provide detailed information about your company and its objectives.

2. Review of commercial terms

Collaborate to review commercial terms and establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

3. Business planning & onboarding

Proactive alignment of our teams with establishment of business goals and strategies.

4. Co-marketing strategy & deal registration

Drive collaboration by developing a co-marketing strategy and deal registration to promote joint efforts.

5. Ongoing project collaboration

Continuous partnership collaboration to foster mutual innovation and success.