Vention | Design your machine today. Receive it tomorrow.

Design your machine today.
Receive it tomorrow.

Vention is a free web-based CAD loaded with industrial parts that ship next day.

Design and Build in Minutes
A single environment to design, order and assemble industrial equipment
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Create an assembly using Vention’s browser-based 3D MachineBuilder™ and library of modular parts.

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Review your bill of material and order using a credit card or purchase order directly from Vention's website.

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Receive your flat-pack box and assemble your machine as you would for IKEA™ furniture.

Next day shipping
Design Custom Equipment Online
Free 3D MachineBuilder™ integrating library of structural, motion and control parts.

From assembly jig to industrial cart, create the custom equipment you need

Test Benches

Accelerate your test schedule by designing your own automated test bench in minutes

Robot Equipment

Design your own robot stand or robot cell online for next day delivery.

Used by thousands of mechanical designers at companies like:
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