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Vention is the only digital manufacturing platform where you can design
and order custom machines in minutes.

Or shop public assemblies
Used by hundreds of mechanical designers at companies like:
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Design and Build in Minutes
A single environment to design, order and assemble industrial equipment
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Create an assembly using Vention’s browser-based 3D MachineBuilder™ and library of modular parts.

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Review your bill of material and order using a credit card or PO directly from Vention's website.

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Receive your flat-pack box and assemble your machine as you would for IKEA™ furniture.

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Opt to publish your design privately or publicly.

Design Equipment for an Array of Applications
A single environment to design, order and assemble industrial equipment
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Automate your business by yourself, using MachineMotion™, Vention’s plug and play platform and library of motion apps

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From assembly jig to industrial cart and fixtures, create the equipment you need to support your operations

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Accelerate your test schedule and design your own test bench in minutes

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