About Vention

We make industrial automation accessible to all manufacturers with a cloud-first, self-serve platform that automates factory floors with confidence.

Etienne and Max

Building the next industrial automation giant

In this decade, the widespread adoption of industrial automation is a paramount mission for most manufacturers as they strive to adopt a production cost advantage amid labor shortages, salary inflations, and re-shoring initiatives.

Vention was one of the first to recognize the untapped potential of providing simplified industrial automation technologies to manufacturers looking to introduce automation.

Our initial goal was to make automation accessible to high-mix manufacturers unable to afford traditional technologies. The complexity and manual work required in traditional automation methods have resulted in high costs, often requiring a specialized integrator.

Today, as we have grown our platform, high-throughput manufacturers have reaped the benefits of simplified, self-designed, and self-deployed automation through Vention. Vention is democratizing the industrial automation industry by making automation more affordable and accessible to all manufacturers.

Our Principles

We undertook a substantial endeavour, knowing the reward will be worth it

Vention is an integrated-architecture business model. Our disruptive mission cannot be accomplished by a single-product company or by providing a point solution. We have undertaken to build five businesses in parallel, and all interconnected through a digital thread: automation components, 3D design software, automation programming software, remote monitoring software, and logistic operations.

Integrated-architecture business model
Building the next industrial automation giant

We are continuously improving the coherence between our mission, vision, and culture

Building the next industrial automation giant is an energizing but challenging mission. To increase our chance of success, we did not only refine our business strategy but also made our operating practices and company culture entirely aligned with this single mission. The coherence that now exists between those elements has become a true competitive advantage that we protect and continuously improve.

Our culture is rooted in execution, expertise, and collaboration

We see ourselves as an uplifting environment for high-achievers and constantly look for individuals who align with this mindset. They aspire to raise the bar in their respective areas and continuously challenge the current baseline. They rarely choose the easy path if it deviates from the long-term vision.

Uplifting environment for high-achievers
Avatar of Etienne Lacroix

Etienne Lacroix

Founder & CEO

Avatar of Max Windisch

Max Windisch

Co-founder & CSO

Avatar of Francois Giguere

Francois Giguere


Avatar of Rob Lorbetskie

Rob Lorbetskie


Avatar of Patrick Halde

Patrick Halde


Avatar of Joe Wykes

Joe Wykes


Avatar of Annie Noel

Annie Noel


Avatar of Brian McHugh

Brian McHugh

VP of Sales

Avatar of Mathieu Desmarais

Mathieu Desmarais

VP of Application Engineering

Avatar of Brent Wells

Brent Wells

VP of High Velocity Sales

Avatar of Jean Francois

Jean-Francois Dionne

VP of Hardware Engineering

Avatar of Christian Poupart

Christian Poupart

VP of Legal Affairs and Government Relations

Avatar of Jeff Timanus

Jeff Timanus

VP of Software Engineering - Engineering Platform

Avatar of Sam El-Outa

Sam El-Outa

VP of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Avatar of Julie Lepage

Julie Lepage

VP of Product

Avatar of Christine Boivin

Christine Boivin

VP of Brand and Product Marketing

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Our Offices

Each one of our offices is designed to inspire innovation, big ideas, and community.

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4767 Dagenais Street,
Montreal, QC, Canada
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Vention GmbH
Karl-Marx-Allee 3
10178, Berlin, Germany

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