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Top 3 Design Tips for Effective T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Structures
T-slot aluminum extrusions enable fast design and manufacturing of structural frames. However, the structural integrity of such assemblies can be significantly improved through various design considerations and analyses. In this article, we share our top three tips for creating industrial-grade, rigid and reliable t-slot aluminum extrusion structures.

Three Changes in Manufacturing No One Is Talking About
Our team had to chance to talk to over 500 individuals in the manufacturing industry at the Fabtech 2017 tradeshow and we’ve found that business is booming. However, we noticed that there are three big changes happening in the industry that no one is talking about.

Can Every Product Design Organization Become Agile?
In this day and age, agility and speed are some of the most important advantages any business can have. Vention's 3D MachineBuilder provides an amazing ecosystem to study “product design agility”, read about our learnings on the agility of various organizations.

Vention is Now the First Hardware Platform Certified by Universal Robots
We are excited to announce that our MachineBuilder™ and modular parts have received official certification from Universal Robots last week!

Highlights from the Robotiq User Conference
Vention was thrilled to sponsor this year Robotiq User Conference and supply the 40 robot workstations used for their Workshop Challenge. Highlight included an amazing set-up, the launch of lean robotic and discussing strategy during the challenge.

Introducing: Custom Universal Robot Stands
Collaborative robots are now a part of our manufacturing plants. To help you accelerate your robot deployment projects, Vention has released compatible mounting plates so you can build your own modular robot stands.

Digital Manufacturing is Reducing Tooling Cost by 40%
Despite the latest innovations in engineering software, the design and manufacturing of tooling remains highly manual. Fortunately, recent developments in digital manufacturing have paved the way for significant savings and much shorter project timeline.

Engineers just want their Lego back!
Vention is officially 1 year old! Etienne Lacroix, co- founder & CEO, reflects on the past year and the year ahead.

Introducing MachineMotion™ - Plug-and-play Industrial Automation is here!
An Interview with Francois, Head of Automation at Vention

Vention graduates from Creative Destruction Lab
CDL is a program that pairs start-up founders with experienced technology entrepreneurs and investors. Vention has been fortunate to work with Michael Hyatt, Sally Daub and Tomi Poutanen over the past months.

Vention moves to Open Beta!
We are extremely pleased to announce that we are transitioning to open beta, providing all users with free and unrestricted access to Vention's 3D MachineBuilder™

Discover the Six Sources of Waste in Machine Design
We sat down with over 70 engineers and designers across industries to better understand their sources of waste in the design and manufacturing process for custom equipment. Surprisingly, few sources of waste were related to CAD activities!

Industrial Automation is changing Business Operations at Trigonix
Patrick Beauchemin, Director of Operations at Trigonix completed his first project using last month.

Vention's CEO was at Centech this week to Lecture on Iterative Product Development
Etienne Lacroix spoke this week at the Center for Technology Entrepreneurship in Montreal.

Test Jig goes from "Idea" to "In-service" in less than 1 week for Argon 18
Montreal-based high-end race & triathlon bike manufacturer is not only racing the track. See how they used Vention to speed-up their new product validation

An Intuitive way to Connect and Move Components like our Aluminum Extrusions and more
Now you can add parts to any surface of an extrusion; just like you would in the physical world.

Vention wins 2nd Place at the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition
Vention is proud to announce that we came in 2nd place at the Global Finale of the Harvard New Venture Competition!

Introducing the Part Compatibility Checker - Extrusion-based Assemblies made easy!
Wondering if two parts are compatible with one another? Introducing Vention's Compatibility Checker™, get a full list of compatible parts and 3D representation of assembly methods for every part listed in our library.

Discover Vention in 90 Seconds
Vention's cloud-based 3D Machine Builder™ and Hardware Ecosystem is no small task to describe. The platform is so different from the traditional design and build workflow that we thought you might like to see it in action.

A3 Announces Finalists in Automate Launch Pad Startup Competition
Vention is proud to be a finalist for the Automate Launch Pad Startup Competition in Chicago Next week. Come see us at booth #2400.

Vention wins Regional Finals of Harvard Business School New Venture Competition
Vention is excited to announce that it is the winner of Harvard Business School’s Canada New Venture Competition, placing first in addition to winning the public award.

The Most Rigid and Precise Aluminum Extrusion System on the Market
The Vention extrusion system is redefining what is achievable in terms of structural rigidity and precision, learn how Vention's high-performance extrusion can make a difference.

Announcing the Beta Launch of the 1st AI-Enabled 3D MachineBuilder™ is announcing the beta launch of their browser-based 3D MachineBuilder platform, enabling established and emerging designers to design and order their custom industrial equipment in just a few days.

When Machine Design meets Cloud Architecture and Artificial Intelligence
An interview with Max Windisch, CTO at Vention.

Vention is proud to be a laureate of Fondation Montreal Inc.
“This award reflects the quality of the team we assembled as well as the mission we are pursuing,” -Etienne Lacroix

Mechanical Engineering in the 21st Century
An interview with Etienne Lacroix, CEO at Vention, is featured in this months PLAN magazine

Pre-Beta Launch Announcement for Vention Site
Today we launched the pre-beta site for Vention, enabling engineers and designers alike to develop and manufacture custom industrial equipment 5X faster.