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Support and Warranty FAQs

This document summarizes the frequently asked questions surrounding Vention's support and warranty policies and will be updated regularly.

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What’s the warranty policy on Vention products?

Vention’s warranty covers component manufacturing defects that arise within a period of 12 months from the purchase date. To initiate a warranty request, simply start a live chat on the Vention site and tell us what the problem is. Depending on the situation, we'll either ship you a replacement part or give you a refund.

What type of support does Vention provide?

We support customers in numerous ways. If the root cause of a problem is a defective part, we will ship a replacement part as quickly as the next day. If the problem is related to automation or control, we can either send one of our certified system integrators to your facility, or set up a remote troubleshooting session (by connecting your machine to a MachineMotion controller remotely).

Vention also has a dedicated technical support team that helps customers operate their Vention equipment. To initiate a support request, simply hit the live chat button on the Vention site and we will quickly connect you to someone who can help.

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