The most rigid T-slot aluminum extrusion system there is.

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The most rigid and precise T-slot extrusion system available

Vention's self-centered interface and computer optimized profile
offers the the highest precision and rigidity there is.

Vention's high-precision extrusions are based on
a proprietary "V-shape" interface system. Assembly joints are self-aligning, with T-nuts and bolts only used as holding devices. This unique interface system not only eliminates angular errors commonly found with T-slot extrusions, but it also significantly increases the load bearing capacity of each node.
Machined end faces
Vention's extrusions are machined to length, eliminating low-length precision and angular errors often resulting from cut-to-length operations. Each extrusion profile is available by increments of 45mm, with lengths ranging from 45 to 1530mm.
Vention's extrusion profiles have been optimized
to make every gram of material count. Each profile has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity, providing a real alternative to welded structure assemblies.