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Range Extenders for Universal Robots That's Fully Customizable and UR+ Certified

Vention announces the releases the first UR+ certified fully-customizable range extender (7th axis) for Universal Robots

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Dec 5th, 2018

Vention, the digital manufacturing platform for factory equipment, successfully certified its modular and customizable range extender (7th-axis) for the Universal Robots family of collaborative robots.

Users of the Vention cloud-based machine design platform can now design and order custom range extenders for Universal Robots in a matter of days.

Suitable for UR3, UR5, and UR10, including the e-Series, Vention’s range extender connects seamlessly with the Universal Robots controller. Users can program their range extender from the UR teach pendant, leveraging Vention’s URCap for linear motion.

Horizontal Range Extender Vertical Range Extender
Horizontal Range Extender Vertical Range Extender

Vention’s deep software development expertise is fully reflected in this URCap release, which includes speed and acceleration control, absolute and relative motion control, and homing sequence features.

More benefits and features of Vention’s range extender for Universal Robots:

  • Fully customizable length, height, mounting orientation, and number of axes, to suit a broad range of applications.
  • Driven by Vention’s plug-and-play linear motion technology, powered by Thomson Industries.
  • Ships with everything needed for deployment, including all required sensors, wires, connectors and URCap software.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Universal Robots controller via Vention’s URCap for linear motion, eliminating the need for complex integration and third-party software.
  • Available in several configurations within Vention’s public library, all of which are ready to be customized for specific use cases.
  • Ships in 5-7 days with a pre-assembled linear axis.

The addition of a 7th axis to our library of public assemblies, along with hundreds of other pieces of robot equipment, is part of our ongoing commitment to building an indispensable platform for anyone looking to deploy robot cells quickly and easily,” says Patrick Halde, VP Sales and Business Development at Vention.

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