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More Components, More Possibilities, More Simplicity

Expanding Vention’s library of plug-and-play automation components

Francois Giguere Head of Automation / Mar 7th, 2019

We like simplicity—and industrial automation provides many opportunities to simplify. The goal? To develop industrial equipment quickly, without the hassle of assessing component compatibility and custom integration work.

Vention's MachineMotion Components

We launched the first design platform where engineers could design and order industrial equipment in a single digital environment back in 2017. Now, we’re staying true to our mission to democratize machine design by further expanding our library of plug and play components.

All of Vention’s plug and play components arrive with their own electrical wire and connector, ready to plug into the MachineMotion controller. No custom enclosures to set up, no drives to install, and no wiring to manage: just unpack your components, connect, and go!

After releasing belt and ball-screw linear actuators and automated conveyors in 2018, we’re adding modular rack-and-pinion linear axes, rotary indexers, and I/O expander modules. With these building blocks, Vention’s machine design possibilities are bigger than ever.

Vention's MachineMotion Components

Building an automated inspection cell? Create accurate 2- or 3-axis cartesian robots quickly on Vention. Integrating a conveyor? Simply connect your conveyor’s motor to the MachineMotion controller.  Setting up a Universal Robots cobot? Just add Vention’s URCap in conjunction with the MachineMotion controller. Design your equipment online, and have it shipped in a few days, ready to assemble and power on. All parts are compatible, with no integration work needed. Unpack, connect, go!

You like what you see? Join us at Automate 2019 for more exciting news about Vention’s MachineMotion eco-system and plug-and-play components.

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