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Transform your machine operation with remote monitoring

October 16, 2023 | Quinn Harker


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At Demo Day 2023, our biggest announcement of the event was the release of the Operate pillar. With this fourth pillar, we are closing the loop on your automation journey so you can experience the unparalleled journey of achieving full automation within a single platform, the Manufacturing Automation Platform (MAP). From the initial stages of scoping through design and deployment, we now bring to you: machine operation.

As the fourth pillar of MAP, Operate includes two products: MachineAnalytics and RemoteView. They were created to empower you to optimize machine performance and health through detailed data and 24/7 live streaming of your operations. 

Read the blog for detailed information about how the Operate step is exactly what your factory floor needs. 


Unlock your machine’s full potential by maximizing uptime and optimizing performance with remote access to real-time insights and historical data. MachineAnalytics provides you with all the information you need to get more out of your machines.

Within your Vention dashboard, navigate to the Analytics tab on the left-hand side. With the purchase of a Vention machine and a MachineAnalytics subscription, you will see your machine(s) listed. Select “More info” to view that machine’s detailed MachineAnalytics dashboard.

With the dashboard, see both historical and real-time information about your machine’s health and performance, including:

  • Average, minimum, and maximum cycle time.
  • Run time, idle time, and e-stop time.
  • Drive and motor status.
  • CPU and memory usage.
  • Detailed activity log.
  • And more. 

In addition to these features, MachineAnalytics requires no integration. Just purchase a Vention machine and a subscription to begin tracking your machines. 


While MachineAnalytics enables you to remotely track your machine’s performance and health through data, RemoteView tracks it through a 24/7 live video stream. With a camera mounted on your factory floor, view your machine running in real-time so you have eyes on your operation at all times.  

Similar to MachineAnalytics, access RemoteView within your Vention dashboard and then through the Analytics tab. Available with the purchase of a Vention machine and a MachineAnalytics subscription, you will see your machine(s) listed. Select “Remote View” to be connected to the live video stream. 

Within the RemoteView bundle, receive all the necessary equipment, including a camera, cable, and mount. Simply plug the camera into your MachineMotion for it to be auto-detected and added to your dashboard. Again, no integration is required. 

RemoteView allows you to: 

  • Monitor all your machines from a single view. 
  • React to events happening on your factory floor in real-time to improve response time and productivity. 
  • Remotely detect unplanned downtime and malfunctions, so you can get your machine back up and running quickly.  

Our safety standards

Vention’s security program is meticulously built on the framework of the ISO 27001 standard, a globally recognized guideline for managing information security. This comprehensive standard is a rulebook we strictly follow to ensure a secure platform so you can have peace of mind your data is safe.

Adherence to the ISO 27001 standard allows us to offer a highly secure and trustworthy environment.

The scope encompasses all Vention processes and resources that are used to create, deliver, and maintain the Vention Online Platform, including, but not limited to, MachineAnalytics and RemoteView.

Support from design to operation

With Vention, experience the unparalleled journey of achieving full automation within a single platform. With our modular hardware solutions, turn-key applications, no-code programming, step-by-step deployment, and now real-time machine tracking, we have everything you need to seamlessly add automation to your factory floor. 

MachineAnalytics and RemoteView are available through subscription. Explore our different subscription bundles tailored to your needs. 

Questions? Interested in a MachineAnalytics and RemoteView subscription? Get in touch with our experts.

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