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Machine of the Month: Ensuring Worker Safety and Quality Product Assemblies

The Machine of the Month for October comes from Luminis, which used Vention to custom-design a robust, ergonomic workstation that enables workers to better assemble a lighting solution weighing over 100 pounds.

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / Oct 30th, 2018

Luminis, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of a wide range of lighting fixtures for both commercial and industrial applications, recently held a Kaizen session to identify ways to improve some of its product assembly methods.

One lighting product was especially hard to build and manipulate: weighing in at over 100 pounds, moving it required at least two workers.

The Kaizen team decided to develop a workstation that would allow production line workers to handle the assembly steps safely and more ergonomically. Luminis needed a robust workstation, customized to its specific needs, as quickly as possible.

Jade Lamontagne from Luminis was attending a trade show in Montreal when she discovered Vention’s platform. She decided to explore whether it could help her team accelerate the development of a custom workstation.

The team created an initial minimalist workstation design that could bear loads of over 100 pounds while pivoting by 30 degrees, allowing workers to better access internal components without having to lift the heavy lighting fixture.

As team members carried out quick iterations of the workstation, they began adding modular parts and analyzing various combinations of components. For example, they added a heavy-duty hinge and quick-release pins to lock the assembly station in a pre-defined position.

The Luminis team was amazed by Vention’s platform, which gave them the ability to develop the workstation in just a few iterations, while keeping track—in real time—of the cost and assembly time.

The result? Luminis now has a workstation that meets the team’s requirements, provides a safe and more ergonomic work environment, and ensures the company can keep producing the high-quality lighting fixtures that its clients have come to expect.

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