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Building a Virtual Factory with Vention

Advanced Control Solutions used Vention’s MachineBuilder platform to custom build a 7th axis range extender for a robotic arm, which will be used in the company’s brand-new virtual factory.

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Feb 27th, 2019

Advanced Control Systems (ACS) is a factory automation solutions distributor located in the United States with offices in Georgia and Tennessee. In their approach, ACS works closely with their clients to help them gain competitive advantage through creative use software and hardware automation technologies.

In the goal of enhancing the services even more, ACS recently embarked on a new project to build a 1200 square-foot virtual factory for hands-on training for their clients. This “engineer playground” will also be used for proof-of-concept demonstrations. Clients may log into the virtual factory from anywhere in the world and attend training sessions on the factory automation solutions they plan to implement.

The ACS team needed a customized 7th axis range extender for a robotic arm, which would be compatible with Universal Robots’s family of collaborative robots and help to optimize different machine tending operations. The team decided to use Vention’s 3D MachineBuilder platform to accelerate the design process. They were able to test out different configurations and get access to various weights and cost in real time.

Based on the Vention all-in-one MachineMotion controller and powerful Linear Motion UR Cap, ACS can deploy and configure the axis in just a few minutes. Certified by Universal Robots, Vention’s 7th axis can be configured directly from the UR teach pendant, enabling set point definition, relative and absolute motion, and speed & acceleration control.

ACS is set to open its virtual factory in March 2019. Its 7th axis range extender is proof that you can custom design virtually anything with Vention!

Seeking more resources on Vention’s 7th axis and linear motion URCap? Take a look at the resources below or contact one of our application engineers in the live chat.

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