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Introducing Vention’s Robot Cell Integration Kit

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Aug 27th, 2019

We’re proud to unveil a never-before-seen solution for Universal Robots. Introducing Vention’s Robot Cell Integration Kit, a plug-and-play solution that unites your UR cobot and one or multiple Vention automated equipment through the UR pendant.

By integrating our MachineMotion controller with this latest URCap, you can now control up to three drives/actuators in parallel—including ball-screw actuators, belt-driven actuators, rack & pinion actuators and rotational indexers.

In addition, each of the connected drives/actuators, can be controlled simultaneously to the UR arm, directly from the UR pendant through a simple code-free, plug-and-play solution. For additional safety, the system can be configured to support e-stop sequences arising from the UR pendant and/or MachineMotion controller emergency button.

Lastly, the intuitive interface also supports advanced robot cell programming using UR program variables. This allows you to read encoder feedback, store it in a program variable and use this information to compensate motion commands.

For more information on our Robot Integration Kit, click here.

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