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Vention Releases Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts make it safe, easy and quick to adjust the height of various surfaces. We're excited to announce that hydraulic lifts, powered by Bucher Hydraulics, to its parts library.

David MacHattie Junior Mechanical Engineer / Apr 30th, 2019

Within our community of machine designers and end customers, most requests for hydraulic lifts have been centered around height-adjustable workstation applications. Poorly designed and ill-adjusted workstations lead to worker fatigue, frustration, and a greater risk of injury. There’s now a simple solution: our hydraulic lifts are easy to implement and accommodate a wide range of loads and workstation types.

hydraulic lift

Hydraulic lifts are good for much more than just workstations. Consider using them any time a machine or piece of industrial furniture requires easy, safe, and rapid manual height adjustment.

These new hydraulic lifts let you design workstations and machines with up to 305 mm (12 inches) of extension while remaining extremely robust with a payload of up to 450 kg (1000 lbs).

The cylinders and pump come with pre-installed mounting brackets and attach to any of our extrusions with our standard M8 fasteners. They also come pre-plumbed and primed, so they’re ready to use straight out of the box for a hassle-free installation.

We’re looking forward to seeing what types of designs and applications are created using these hydraulic lifts. If you need any assistance, our application engineers would be glad to help brainstorm designs.

Check out our blog on creating the ideal workstation design to see these hydraulic lifts in action: Manual assembly is alive and well.

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