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Design Tips: Designing and Simulating with Vention’s Robot Cell Integration Kit

Don’t know where to start with designing a robot cell? Wondering how an online design will translate to your shop floor? Leave it to Mak, Vention’s lead application engineer, as he walks you through the design to commission process for our new Robot Cell Integration Kit.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Sep 10th, 2019

Our newly launched Robot Cell Integration Kit is a never-before-seen plug-and-play solution for Universal Robots. Now you can unite your UR cobot and multiple pieces of Vention automated equipment through the UR pendant, creating the perfect robot cell from a single URCap.

Watch the recorded webinar below or jump to a specific topic using the links provided, as lead application engineer Mak walks you through designing and simulating a CNC tending and inspection cell. You’ll also get his insights on:

To learn more about our Robot Cell Integration Kit, click here.

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