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Big Potential in a Small Footprint

Introducing Vention light-duty extrusions

Maxime Lavigueur Mechanical Engineer / Feb 12th, 2019
Light duty t slot profile



Introducing Vention Light-duty Extrusions

Our smallest extrusions to date are now available on the Vention platform. They’re perfect for light-duty applications, including machine guarding, as instrument and tool holders, or for general light-duty assembly. Staying true to the Vention architecture, this new profile is compatible with all other Vention components—including all of Vention’s cut-to-length panels—and uses the same M8 T-nut fasteners as all other Vention parts.


When Every Ounce Counts

Our new 22.5 x 22.5 mm extrusions are half the size of our existing 45 x 45 mm profile, and use 80% less aluminum. This makes them much more lightweight! They're available in lengths of 45 mm to 1530 mm.

T slot aluminum extrusion profile size table


Mix & Match

Given the small size of the new extrusions, and the need for users to align the center of the extrusions with the center of existing profiles, Vention is also introducing two new accessory components: a spacer and an inner connector. These parts allow the 22.5 x 22.5 mm light-duty extrusions to connect seamlessly to existing profiles of 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, and 90 x 90 mm.


Quality Guaranteed

Having undergone Vention’s part certification process, these extrusions have been tested for durability and can withstand up to 50 kg when used in one-meter long simply supported applications, as illustrated below.

22.5mm by 22.5mm t slot aluminum extrusion profile with 50kg payload 45mm x 45mm t slot aluminum extrusion profile 45mm by 90mm aluminum extrusion profile 90mm by 90mm t slot aluminum profile
22.5mm by 22.5 mm  45mm by 45 mm 45mm by 90mm 90mm by 90mm
50 kg max payload 400 kg max payload 1,500 kg max payload 2,400 kg max payload

Looking to learn a few design tricks using Vention’s light-duty extrusions? Try out our short online design tutorial below or contact our application engineering team.

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