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Assembling your first Vention machine: An overview of resources available to you

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Dec 11th, 2019
Vention Welcome Box

Ready to assemble your first Vention design? This article presents all the tools and resources available to you for a successful assembly from start to finish.

Before you order

Request a design review with an application engineer

Once you have finished designing and are ready to order, you can always submit your design for a complimentary design review with our application engineers. They have worked on hundreds of projects and know our hardware inside and out, making them the best resource for a quick final check of any design.

You can request a design review within MachineBuilder, either on your designs page or right from the checkout page.

Vention Design Review

Single-tool assembly and supplies

Vention’s modular components have been developed with ease of assembly in mind. Using a single 5-mm T-Handle Hex Key, you can put together your entire machine. We’ve taken care to develop a single-fastener modular hardware kit, which makes our users’ lives much easier.

Fun fact: this is true for all extrusion profile sizes, from the 22.5 x 22.5 mm to the 90 x 90 mm profile.

If your machine includes parts that require specialized tools, these will become available to add to your order once you start the checkout process.

Vention Tools and Supplies

Choosing assembly services

Vention now offers assembly services for certain machine types. If your order qualifies for assembly services, this option will become available for you to add during checkout. Our team of experienced assemblers will then pre-assemble your equipment and ship it to you ready for site deployment. Note that choosing the ship assembled option will affect the unit price, shipping cost, and delivery time, because most of our pre-assembled equipment must be ground shipped through the US.

Vention Assembly Services

What’s in the box

When your machine arrives, be sure to look for the box marked Open Me First. It contains all the documents you’ll need, as well as a few tools and additional goodies courtesy of the Vention team.

We strongly recommend unpacking all the boxes and organizing your parts and materials before you start assembling. It’s usually best to group similar parts together as well. This makes it easier to find the right part at the right time as you progress. Note that all parts (except extrusions) have part numbers engraved on them for easy identification.

Key documents that arrive with your machine

  • Bill of materials: A complete list of all the parts included in your shipment. The BOM also lists the fasteners required to assemble each part of your order.

  • Assembly drawings: These auto-generated subassembly drawings that break down the larger assemblies into sub-assemblies, so you can assemble them more easily. For each subassembly, you will see a list of parts and associated fasteners.

  • Automation system drawings: When relevant your machine will arrive with an assembly system drawing to support you in commissioning your MachineMotion controllers.

Vention Assembly Drawings

On our website

Using MachineBuilder during assembly

Add your assembly team as design collaborators or send them a private link so they can view the design in 3D while they assemble. Within MachineBuilder, several key features support easy assembly:

  • Tree view: Shows associated fasteners when you select any part in the model.
    Tip: The last four digits of the fastener’s part number indicates the length of your M8 screws.

  • Exploded view: Shows how parts fit together.
    Tip: Select multiple components, then click exploded view to explode only those highlighted components.

  • Measurement tool: Click to measure distances face to face, edge to edge, and point to point.
    Tip: When measuring point to point, click on your result to get the dx, dy, dz measurements of the point to point measurement.
  • Annotation tool: Annotate your parts by Vention part numbers or length (to help determine extrusion length).

Other documents and resources

If you need more support, consult the Tech Docs section of our resource library. For detailed assembly tips, please watch our Assembly 101 video series.

Vention Tech Docs

From our team

If you face any challenges during assembly, our support team is here to help. You can reach them via online chat (located at the bottom right of our website), by phone at 1-800-940-3617, or by email at

Happy designing!

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