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When Digital Manufacturing Enables Agility

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When Digital Manufacturing Enables Agility

Novatech is a leading manufacturer of residential entry and patio doors, managing over 10 manufacturing plants in Canada and the United States. In today’s manufacturing environment, its clients have come to expect full product customization combined with extremely short production lead-time. This means that every new order could require new manufacturing equipment and re-configuration of the production floor. In such an environment, agility is truly essential.

Marc-Antoine Dion is part of the new product development team at Novatech, covering ideation up to product launch, which often involves creating new manufacturing equipment. We asked Marc-Antoine to share his experience with using the Vention platform and how it helps him achieve the required agility.

For his team, the machine design platform has become a valuable resource in optimizing for speed. The entire design-to-build process for custom equipment takes less than a week, and it was for this reason that they started to use Vention a few months ago.



When realizing a project on Vention, the design, procurement and assembly teams all work in the same web environment, eliminating the need to exchange design files, such as 3D models, 2D drawings and Excel-based bills of materials. For the team at Novatech, Vention transformed what used to be a long lead-time, custom equipment project into a simple e-Commerce experience that is error-free and significantly faster.

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