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Vention moves to Open Beta!

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are transitioning to open beta, providing all users with free and unrestricted access to Vention's 3D MachineBuilder™

Over 150 software features and hardware components were added during the closed-beta program to tailor to those market segments. Those include:

Vention Hardware Components:

  • Introduction of Vention Machine Motion™, enabling the development of plug & play automated equipment through library of MachineApps available on the Vention website.
  • Addition of a new hardware components categories focused on industrial carts, including two-bar, heavy-duty caster wheels, various rest pads, etc.
  • Expansion of existing part segments, most notably in tooling and fixture as well as machine frames.

Vention's 3D Machine Builder™:

  • Introduction of Part Compatibility Checker™ to quickly discover various ways Vention modular parts can be connected to one another.
  • Significant ease-of-use improvement when moving existing parts of an assembly.
  • Live-chat support across the website, as well as contextual tool-tips inside the 3D Machine Builder™.
  • Multi-user version management.
  • Library of video tutorials.

Join hundreds of users and discover the 150+ new features and parts added to the platform over the last months.

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