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10 Vention Updates You Need to Know

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jul 3rd, 2019

It’s been a busy first half of the year for us and our team! Take a moment to look back over some of the most noteworthy improvements to our hardware library, our 3D design system MachineBuilder and in automation.

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Our automation capabilities have been a key area of excitement, as we are democratizing and empowering manufacturing professionals to not only build but automate their equipment in an intuitive cloud and local environment.

1) MachineLogic
The most noteworthy new feature introduced this year is MachineLogic, Vention’s code-free solution to simplify automation. It has never been this easy to design and install an automated machine. Learn more about MachineLogic here

2) MachineMotion Pendant
We’re proud to present our new MachineMotion Pendant: a plug-and-play touchscreen interface for automated equipment powered by the MachineMotion controller. Now you can program, control, and monitor your machine through our intuitive code-free user interface, MachineLogic, directly on your shop floor. Learn more.

Also, our MachineMotion Controller will be getting a software update. New features tp include a specific Vention Pendant input, enhanced safety features, as well as the ability to move multiple axes simultaneously.

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More components equals more possibilities! Our growing library now includes a growing family of actuators, fasteners, and lifts. See how all our new additions can benefit your design.

3) Indexer
Vention isn’t just linear anymore! We’ve added our first Rotary Actuator to complement our rapidly growing product lineup. This actuator packs a punch hefty enough to meet all your rotational needs, powering everything from rotating inspection jigs to turntables that feed multiple conveyor lines. Learn more.

4) Rack and Pinion
Our new Rack and Pinion assembly bridges the gap between the timing belt actuator and ball screw, enabling faster travel speeds, heavier-duty applications, and the addition of compact multi-axis machines. Learn more.

5) Frame Connectors
With our 3-Way Connector, 45-Degree Inline Connector, and Inline Mounting Block, you can build a functional assembly without sacrificing beauty, because they allow for flush mounting without any protruding fasteners. Learn more.

6) Hydraulic Lifts
We've recently added hydraulic lifts, powered by Bucher Hydraulics, to our parts library. These lifts are easy to implement and accommodate a wide range of loads, allowing for more ergonomic and lower-risk workstations. Learn more.

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Our cloud-based platform allows anyone to design and assemble industrial-grade machines in just days. These latest updates to our system all make it even easier to customize, navigate, and collaborate.

7) New Parts Menu
We updated our Parts Menu on MachineBuilder to help you find the parts you need faster than ever. Now you can browse for the parts you're looking for by simply clicking a category icon or using the newly added search bar. You can also explore our Partner Parts as well as Vention’s environmental assets and your own Imported Parts.

We have also updated our part recommendation engine. It’s now displayed on the top left next to the currently selected part, and allows for quick selections of compatible and most-likely-next parts.

8) Link Sharing
Now you can easily share a custom view-only link with partners, team members, or clients directly from the MachineBuilder platform. This link can be generated for any design and shared with anyone you choose.

9) Ability to Purchase a Quote
To increase the ease of sharing between designers and procurement teams, we have added a secure link to our PDF quotes. You can now have a team member assist with finalizing your procurement process. They can simply click the embedded secure link to pick up right where you left off.

10) Menu Updates
MachineBuilder’s user interface has been updated to allow for an easier build experience. Enjoy a variety of new and improved options that allow for a personalized build process tailored to your needs.

Our newly updated Design Settings Menu lets you further customize your viewing and 3D experience. Our Help Menu allows you to quickly access our shortcuts and support documents like our tutorials and tech docs within the platform.

We’ve also added new features to our Design Tree Menu. Listed parts now automatically add the associated fasteners. You also have the ability to search for parts in your design and click through to it in your design.

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