A URCap compatible with an array of actuators

Rotary Actuator

Powerful enough to fulfill all your rotational requirements from rotating inspection jigs to turntables feeding multiple conveyor lines.

Rack & Pinion

Versatile actuator that bridges the gap between the timing belt and ball screw, best for palletizers and other vertical lifting.

Timing Belt

Fast acceleration and speed to deliver light and medium duty applications, from range extenders to high speed vision systems.

Ball Screw

Heavy load and resolution abilities make this actuator best for heavy duty applications from automated gantries to CNC routers.

Certified by Universal Robots
Fully customizable for a broad range of applications (i.e., length, height, mounting orientation, multi-axis)
Based on Vention's linear motion technology powered by Thomson
Ready to deploy, with kit including all required sensors and wires
Ships with pre-assembled linear axes
Automated with MachineMotion™ plug & play controller, compatible with the UR controller
Specifications Compatibility UR3, UR5, UR10, UR16 (CB and e-Series) Motion Horizontal, Vertical available travel 360 to 2070mm  *Custom lenghts upon request. max speed 1.6 m/s repeatability ± 0.025 mm max linear force 320 to 1000 N gantry load capacity 440 Kg Actuators Ball screw, belt, or rack and pinion Linear guide powered by Thomson
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Machine Tending

WALT Machine recently used Vention to design and commission a 40-foot-long 7th axis and had a UR10 robot inject and eject parts from a single replenishing station to the appropriate CNC lathe.


Robotiq's team had a challenging deadline to meet. In just a few short weeks, they needed to integrate a Vention range extender seamlessly with a UR cobot to demonstrate palletizing applications.

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