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Vention Maintenance Guide

Some of Vention’s linear and rotary motion systems require periodic maintenance. This document will guide you through the required maintenance steps.


Linear Bearings (MO-LM-010-0001)

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At the center of the Vention’s linear axes lies the linear bearings. Proper lubrication of the linear bearings minimizes friction, dissipates heat, reduces seal wear, keeps contaminants out, and ensures everything runs smoothly.

We recommend using a bearing grease with a viscosity grade of NLGI 2. Vention also offers a synthetic lubricant in a squeeze-tube container (HW-CS-002-0001).

When to lubricate:

  • Prior to the initial installation.
  • Once a year, or after every 100 km of travel—whichever comes first.
The lubrication interval is application-dependent. You may need to lubricate more frequently depending on the duty cycle, usage, and environment.

Before lubrication:

  • Visually inspect the shafts for accumulations of foreign matter.
  • Using a cloth with solvent, remove any contaminants and old lubricant that may still be in
  • Cycle the linear bearing along the shaft several times. Wipe with a dry, lintless cloth and perform the lubrication immediately after.

Lubrication Procedure:

  • All linear bearings come with a 3-mm lubrication port on one side (as shown below). We recommend injecting the grease in the lubrication hole using a grease gun equipped with a long narrow tip, until the lubricant comes out of one of the exhaust ports (see below).
For light-duty applications in clean environments only, if the lubrication port is not accessible, you can apply the lubricant directly on the shaft using a clean cloth. Ensure that 100% of the shaft surface is covered with a thin layer of lubricant, then cycle the bearing along the shaft several times to ensure proper application and distribution.

Check back in soon as we develop more maintenance procedures for your Vention Actuators.

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