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Vention Hardware Architecture

Vention’s hardware platform relies on strict guidelines to ensure compatibility between all its components, including Vention-branded and partner-made parts. These standards ensure that users from various industries can easily create custom assemblies from all the parts we offer.


Extrusion Profiles

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Four extrusion profiles form the core of the Vention architecture: 22.5 mm x 22.5 mm, 45 mm x 45 mm, 45 mm x 90 mm, and 90 mm x 90 mm. These profiles are optimized for best-in-class ratios of moment of inertia per unit of surface area.

A T-shaped slot spans the length of each extrusion. This slot can accept an M8-1.25 T-nut by either sliding the T-nut in from the end or inserting it from the side. Because all Vention extrusions use the same M8 T-nuts, profiles of various size can be combined together to create custom assemblies. Vention extrusions are cut to size to the nearest 45 mm. Their lengths range from 45 mm to 1530 mm for the 22.5 x 22.5 mm profile, 45 mm to 2295 mm for the 45 x 45 profile, and 45mm to 3330mm for the two larger profiles. All our extrusions are made of 6063-T5 aluminum and are blue-anodized to Vention’s standard. The table below lists all the sizes available for each profile.

Extrusion Length 22.5 x 22.5 mm 45 x 45 mm 45 x 90 mm 90 x 90 mm

Extrusion Interfaces

Parts connecting to extrusions can rest flat on the exterior side surfaces of the extrusion, or can be mounted by threading the hole at the end of the extrusion. The extrusion ends can be threaded with a M8-1.25 tap. You can also self-thread the extrusion ends using a M8-1.25 screw, if taps are not readily available.

When connecting parts to extrusions, the V-shaped groove can provide increased rigidity and precision, and can prevent part rotation even when using a single screw. A truncated pyramid boss, also referred to as a high precision feature, may be used if parts need to be mounted in more than one orientation while using the V-shaped feature.

Vention's V-shaped groove feature is patent pending (USPTO #15/798,862). Please contact Vention to discuss a licensing agreement if you are interested in manufacturing industrial components integrating this feature. The groove dimensions are shown below for reference.

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Vention’s three larger extrusion profiles have a groove depth of 14.8 mm (measured from the top surface of the extrusion). Since Vention’s standard mounting plates are 6 mm thick, the standard fastener is a 20 mm-long M8-1.25 screw, with a low-profile socket head. Our system is designed such that all screws can be tightened using a 5-mm Allen key. Given that Vention users only use hand tools to assemble, the standard torque for fasteners is set to 13 Nm.

At this torque specification, an aluminum assembly plate connected to an aluminum extrusion can support up to 2.1 kN per fastener in a pure friction joint. It can also support pull-out loads of up to 16.7 kN before the extrusion deforms. Note that these values should be adjusted to take into account proper security measures.

All Vention screws are conversion-coated with black oxide. Through rigorous vibration testing, we have determined that black oxide-coated screws have significantly better anti-vibration properties than zinc-plated screws.

Below is a table of all standard screws and their uses. Note that all Vention screws use a low-profile socket head.

Thread Length Use
M8 10 Mounting sheet-metal parts and MachineMotion on the 22.5 x 22.5 mm profile
12 Mounting assembly plates on the 22.5 x 22.5 mm profile and attaching caster wheels to plates
16 Mounting sheet-metal parts and MachineMotion on the 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, and 90 x 90 mm profiles
20 Mounting assembly plates on the 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, and 90 x 90 mm profiles
25 Mounting heavy-duty hinges on the sides of the 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, and 90 x 90 mm profiles
30 Mounting thicker robot plates on the 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, and 90 x 90 mm profiles
55 Mounting assembly plates, hinges, in-line connectors, and actuator blocks on the tapped end of an extrusion
80 Mounting heavy-duty hinges on the tapped end of an extrusion
M6 20 Mounting all Vention powertrain components compatible with NEMA 34 stepper motors

Part Geometry

The standard Vention plate thickness is 6 mm, with the next available thickness being 11.25 mm. All Vention-standard plates come in 45-mm length and width increments, minus one millimeter on each side to avoid collision with adjacent parts and extrusions. All mounting plates also feature a 5-mm fillet on all corners.

Bolt Patterns, Hole Sizes, and Counterbores

All 6 mm-thick parts have M8-8.4 mm through-holes located at a 45-mm distance from each other, with the first mounting hole being located 21.5 mm from the edge of the plate (see drawing above). As a rule of thumb, all mating features should be able to fit when parts are inserted into a 3D grid composed of 45-mm cubes.

For 11.25 mm-thick parts, DIN 7984 standard counterbore geometry is used to maintain the standard 20-mm screw length.

Wheels, Leveling Feet, and Floor Anchors

Swivel and caster wheels fit our extrusions using standard 11.25 mm-thick plates. These mounting plates must have a Vention interval bolt pattern, and the bolt pattern must accommodate the swivel or caster wheel.

Each leveling foot includes a M8-1.25 threaded stud such that the foot can be mounted on the tapped end of an extrusion.

Each floor anchor has four 16.4-mm clearance holes to accommodate standard half-inch concrete anchor screws. Floor anchors also feature two layers of screws at 45-mm intervals, to maximize the number of mounting configurations.

Part Materials

The table below lists standard materials for Vention parts.

Material Type Use
Aluminum 5052-H32 Non-structural aluminum sheet-metal parts
6061-T6 Assembly plates, actuator components, robot plates, and general machined parts
6063-T5 Extrusions
Steel 1010 Floor anchors and non-structural steel sheet-metal parts
1018 Structural steel sheet-metal parts
1045 Gear rack for Rack and Pinion assembly
304 SS Power transmission shafts

Part Colors

Vention parts come in three colors.

Color RAL Code Use
Vention Blue 5011 Machined parts, sheet-metal parts, and extrusions
Graphite Grey 7024 Injection-molded plastic parts
Graphite Black 9011 Powder-coated welded steel parts

All Vention hardware features the Vention logo and part number engraved into the lower left corner (when that corner is available). On larger assemblies, the assembly part number must be properly displayed and all children part numbers for individual components must be hidden when fully assembled.

The Vention logo and part number must be 8mm tall and 36mm wide when available. The logo consists of 56% of the total height and the part number consists of the remaining 44%. If the engraving needs to be scaled, it must follow a 4.5 : 1 aspect ratio. The font used for the part number is Century Gothic. Please contact us if you require the sketch for the Vention Logo.

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Aluminum Parts (Anodization)

All Vention parts are corrosion-resistant. Aluminum parts require a standard sulfuric blue anodization. Prior to anodization, Vention parts receive a uniform shot-peening treatment, which results in a dull orange-peel effect on the surface texture post-anodization. An acid etching is then performed to remove impurities from the part’s surface and ensure a uniform, matte surface finish. Finally, parts are treated with a standard sulfuric blue MIL-A-8625 Type II anodization in color RAL 5011.

Steel Parts

Steel parts are plated in clear zinc (chromate conversion, trivalent chromium) or powder-coated. Surfaces are finished in a medium sandblast texture equivalent to a D2 SPI finish or 26-32 Ra roughness.

All steel shafts are hardened to HRC 60. They may also be chrome-plated if required for the application.

Motor Configuration

Vention’s MachineMotion controller supports NEMA 34 standard stepper motors. The shaft configuration shown below guarantees a proper fit with all Vention actuators.

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MachineMotion Sensors, Inputs, and Outputs

Vention’s automation controller features industry-standard M12 connectors for all external sensory inputs. The drive sensor and security connections include four-pin connectors, whereas the auxiliary inputs and pendant connection include eight pin connectors.

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Part Nomenclature

Vention's hardware follows a specific part numbering convention with a general format of AB-CDE-000-0000. The nomenclature for each category is covered below:

Main category - AB Sub category - CDE 000 0000
CA - Compressed Air
CE - Control Electronics
HW - Hardware
MO - Motion
ST - Structural
AP - Air Preparation
BP - Bumper
BS - Ball Screw
CA - Cable
CL - Controller
CO - Air Control
CP - Clamp
CS - Consumables
CV - Conveyor
CY - Cylinder
DC - Drag Chains
EC - Electric Cylinder
EXT - Extrusion
FN - Fasteners
GP - General Precision
HD - Handle
HG - Hinge
HP - High Precision
HY - Hydraulic
LF - Leveling Foot
LM - Linear Motion
LR - Lift Ring
LT - Latches
MD - Module
OG - Organizer
PL - Pulley
PN - Panels
PT - Power Transmission
RB - Robot
RM - Rotary Motion
RP - Rest Button
RP - Rest Pad
SA - Safety
SC - Shaft Coupling
SE - Safety Enclosure
SM - Stepper Motor
SN - Sensor
SP - Special
SW - Software
TB - Tow Bars
TL - Tools
TP - Teach Pendant
TW - Cable Ties
WL - Wheels
WS - Washers
Product identifier category Represent the length for items available in different lengths or product identifier subcategory

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