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Universal Robots Support FAQs

This document summarizes the frequently asked questions surrounding support for Universal Robots and will be updated regularly.

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Are there any advantages to using the MachineMotion controller if I haven’t bought the URCap?

Even if you don’t purchase the Vention URCap software for Universal Robots, you can still save significant integration time with the MachineMotion controller. Unlike traditional PLCs, MachineMotion offers native support for URScript, which is a powerful programming language for Universal Robots.

The other main advantage is MachineMotion’s plug-and-play architecture: the fact that it offers a single-box solution prevents you from having to do complex integration work.

Can I move Vention’s 7th axis and a UR robot at the same time?

Yes—with Vention’s URCap for Robot Cell Integration, you can move the Vention 7th axis and UR robot simultaneously. Note that as long as the UR robot is moving, the robot remains collaborative. That said, the Vention 7th axis is currently not collaborative.

Is Vention’s 7th axis collaborative?

Currently, Vention’s 7th axis is not collaborative. The safety of the entire system can be designed in various ways, by leveraging the safety input and output of the MachineMotion controller.

What does the Universal Robots Certification include?

Certification received from Universal Robots enabled Vention to be listed on the UR+ website as a UR-certified offering. The UR Certification validate that Vention mechanical hardware and related URCap software have been designed to be compatible and compliant with the Universal Robots robot arms. The certification process involves a review of Vention software architecture and source code, validation of technical documents, and validation of performance claim.

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