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Safety Enclosure Technical Datasheet

Vention’s Safety Enclosure system features all the necessary components to deploy a complete safety fencing system or robot cell that integrates directly with the MachineMotion’s safety rated input.

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Vention’s Safety Enclosure system features all the necessary components to deploy a complete safety fencing system or robot cell that integrates directly with the MachineMotion’s safety rated input. In this technical document the following will be covered: creation of safety panels, interlocks, creation of doors, and door retention methods.


The typical applications include enclosures for high inertial machinery or non-collaborative robot cells and automation equipment. The enclosure is used to contain the risk and prevent workers from entering a high risk zone. Take a look at Vention’s public designs or this enclosure design for some inspiration.

Safety Panel (ST-PN-002-0002)

The default safety panels used to create Vention enclosures are created using extrusion framing with a height of 1980mm (6.50 ft) and a width of 1215mm (4 ft) between extrusion centers:

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The BOM for one of these panels include:

The extrusions must be connected together with assembly plates. This can be done strategically, especially when connecting multiple panels together. An example design of a single panel and assembly plates can be found here.

Panel Specifications

Height of Panel 1980mm (78.0 in)
Width of Panel (between centers) 1215mm (47.8 in)
Height above floor 90mm (3.5 in)
Mesh Opening 25.4mm (1.0 in) square
Wire Mesh Diameter 3.2mm (⅛ in)
Allowable Force Without Panel Retainers 600N (135 lbf)

For increased load capabilities, add panel retainers to fix the mesh panels in place.

Enclosure Doors

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The entry of your safety enclosure can be constructed by using extrusions to build a door. The dimensions of the door should result on a panel which 135mm narrower (when measured from extrusion centers) than the static panels. This difference in size is to allow for the door to fit in the standard opening size and avoid an interference. Fill the door in with any of our cut to size custom panels. This sizing will yield a 22.5mm gap on either side of the door with one side supported by the Vention Door Hinge (ST-SE-005-0001), allowing for full 180 degree opening.

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The other side of the door can be held closed by the Vention Gate Bolt. Depending on the level of safety required by the safety enclosure, an interlock can also be installed on the door either as part of the Gate Bolt (ST-SE-006-XXXX) or a stand alone Safety Switch (ST-SE-007-0001).

The door can be filled with your choice of custom sized wire mesh (ST-PN-002-0001) or shatter resistant clear polycarbonate panel (ST-PN-004-0001).

A single simply supported hinge (ST-SE-005-0001) can support up to 600kg in pure shear. A door with 2 hinges can support a moment up to 1000 N⋅m in bending.

Safety Gate Bolt (ST-SE-006-XXXX)

A safety interlock switch is recommended in order to properly secure your safety enclosure door and cut the power to any Vention axis in movement.

Vention’s Gate Bolt is available with or without a safety interlock tongue and groove system and features an adjustable slide with an anti-vibration system so you don’t have to worry about your gate bolt and door unintentionally opening.



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The Gate Bolt comes in four variants, a left (ST-SE-006-1001/1011) and a right (ST-SE-007-0001/0011) bolt with or without an interlock interlock included. Both feature the same allowable door gap and the versions with interlock included have the following specifications. Gate Bolts with interlock also include a 5 meter M12 4-Pin extension (CE-CA-018-5000).

Gate Bolt Specifications

Allowable Door Gap 0 to 22.5mm
Interlock Contact Configuration 2 N.C. (Normally Closed) Contacts
Interlock Connector Male M12 4-Pin
Actuator Travel for Opening 6mm
Force for Opening [N] 12N

Note: A 90x90 Rest Pad (HW-RP-002-0006) can be used as a door stopper to prevent the gate from swinging inwards.

Safety Switch (ST-SE-007-0001)

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For a door with a 22.5mm gap, a Safety Switch (HW-RP-002-0006) with a door catch can be used as a substitute. The switch and groove mechanism features the same Interlock as the Gate Bolt with identical specifications. A door stopper is included and the entire assembly is fully reversible for left/right opening.

Note: When creating a door assembly, the door must be wider than 150mm to allow the tongue to properly enter the interlock.

For any questions about creating a custom Vention assembly for your application contact our application engineers via a design review.

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