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Pricing FAQs

This document summarizes the frequently asked questions surrounding pricing and will be updated regularly.

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Is Vention’s cloud software free to use?

Yes. The entire Vention digital engineering platform is free to use. This includes MachineBuilder (for mechanical 3D CAD), MachineLogic (for industrial automation), and My Team (for PDM and PLM).

How are Vention products priced?

For structural parts, Vention’s pricing is comparable to other large industrial distributors. For industrial automation parts, Vention’s pricing is generally much lower than that of traditional players because of our innovative approach.

We provide a fully integrated, single-box motion controller—which means our customers don’t have to create a custom control enclosure from individual components like a drive, power supply, PLC, and so on. The cost of a Vention control system is generally 50% lower than a traditional custom-made control enclosure that integrates all the required automation hardware.

How are Vention T-slot extrusions priced?

Our T-slot extrusions are priced similarly to those of other extrusion manufacturers, especially when you factor in the cutting fees other manufacturers charge (Vention does not charge any cutting fee, and all parts arrive ready for assembly with no subsequent drilling or boring required).

Our extrusions also provide more value, for example, Vention’s 45 x 45 mm profile is 15% to 35% more rigid than competitors’ profiles, and features an aesthetically pleasing matte blue finish.

Clients also benefit from Vention’s proprietary V-groove interface between extrusions and assembly plates, which increases the load-bearing capacity of every assembly joint by up to 25% while maintaining the structural alignment of the frame being assembled.

Lastly, clients realize significant additional savings by using the online platform, which automates most of your design and procurement steps and guides you through the subsequent assembly steps. We conducted several side-by-side cost comparisons of the Vention digital engineering platform vs. traditional design-to-built approaches and calculated that Vention provides savings of 40% when you factor in all the design, procurement, and manufacturing steps.

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