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MachineMotion Controller FAQs

This document summarizes the frequently asked questions surrounding Vention's MachineMotion controller and will be updated regularly.

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What is MachineMotion?

MachineMotion is a plug-and-play, single-box motion controller that includes everything you need for motion control: stepper motor drives, power supply, control card, safety relay, and more. These components are all integrated into a complete system providing a true plug-and-play experience. 

For example,  stepper motors and sensors come pre-wired with connectors and plug directly into the MachineMotion controller box. In short, MachineMotion saves clients from having to design and manufacture custom automation enclosures for their equipment.

The MachineMotion controller is fully modular, so you can easily connect e-stop modules, a 24-V digital IO module, and up to three linear axes and nine sensors/end stops.

You have three options for programming MachineMotion: the Vention URCap (when working with UR robots), our code-free MachineLogic interface (within MachineBuilder), and our Python SDK.

What’s covered in the MachineMotion setup and configuration fee?

The setup and configuration fee includes the configuration work and functionality tests we conduct at Vention before shipping the MachineMotion controller to you.

Because every piece of automated equipment designed on the Vention platform is unique, we always configure and test every MachineMotion controller under standardized conditions to ensure optimal motor drive configuration. 

Note that there is no setup and configuration fee if you purchase the MachineMotion controller as a standalone component, because in this case you are responsible for completing your own MachineMotion configuration for your system.

Can I use my own stepper motor with Vention’s linear axis and controller?

Yes, you can use your own stepper motor, as long as it’s NEMA 34 (bipolar, 200 steps per revolution) with the same flange and shaft geometry as Vention motors.

Many of our clients report that they prefer using Vention stepper motors because they’re designed to work with Vention’s MachineMotion controller. Likewise, the micro-stepping and mechanical gain parameters in MachineMotion are preconfigured to work with these motors. If you choose a non-Vention stepper motor, you will have to complete these integration steps yourself.

Can I connect Vention’s MachineMotion controller to a conventional PLC?

Yes, the MachineMotion controller can be connected to a conventional PLC. Two methods are available:

  • 24V digital inputs and outputs (using CE-MD-001-0001)
  • TCP/IP Communiation using the MachineMotion Low-Level Socket API

Can I control two MachineMotion controllers at the same time?

Yes. You can control MachineMotion controllers together in the same application using Python programming or through Vention’s URCap software (if you’re working with a Universal Robot). Note that MachineLogic does not currently support this functionality.

Does MachineMotion support Profibus or Profinet?

The MachineMotion controller does not currently support Profibus, Profinet, or Ethernet-IP. These protocols will become available in future releases.

What certifications does the MachineMotion controller have? Is it CE-certified?

All the critical components within the MachineMotion controller are CE- or UL-certified. We will gladly provide a document package upon request. The certification at the system level is SPE-1000, which focuses on electrical safety according to Canadian standards.

What is MachineMotion’s EMI performance rating?

All individual MachineMotion components are EMI-certified. The entire system is pending EMI certification. Currently, the system-level certification is SPE-1000, which focuses on electrical safety according to Canadian standards.

What’s the dust rating for the automation components?

The MachineMotion controller is rated as IP20 (self-declared). This means the enclosure can withstand impacts from objects greater than 5 mm in diameter, but it does not have any water ingress protection rating.

Can I operate my automated system outdoors?

The MachineMotion controller is designed for indoor use. If you decide to use it outside anyway (not recommended), we advise placing it in an IP-rated enclosure.

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