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Linear Motion FAQs

This document summarizes the frequently asked questions surrounding support for linear motion applications and will be updated regularly.

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What’s the repeatability of Vention’s 7th axis and linear axis?

For a belt-driven actuator of 1.5 m, the repeatability is +/- 0.025 mm. For a 1.5m ball-screw actuator, it is approx. +/- 0.015 mm. As another point of comparison, the repeatability for a 12 m-long 7th axis extender is approx. +/- 0.2 mm.

Note that Vention measures repeatability at the system level, as opposed to measuring it on the linear axis alone. For example, we would assemble a 7th axis and set a dial comparator to zero. We would then go through several cycles of acceleration/deceleration and see if the system maintain its “zero” during each cycle.

To maintain the system’s precision over time, some clients simply “re-home” after completing a certain number of cycles.

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