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Linear Guides Datasheet

The linear guide datasheet contains the technical information to help guide users through the selection of their linear guiding system. It also covers assembly instructions and common applications of the different guides.

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Allow your project to freely and effortlessly move along Vention extrusions using Vention rollers or linear bearings and shafts powered by Thomson Linear.

Linear Bearing and Shaft Overview

Ideal for high duty cycle applications, Vention's linear bearing system ( MO-LM-014-XXXX and MO-LM-010-0001) features a 16mm shaft and mating linear bearings powered by Thomson Linear to glide along Vention extrusions. The Thomson shafts come in four different lengths and offer maximum rust protection.

Technical Specifications

Available Lengths 585mm, 855mm, 1530mm and 2295mm
Material Steel hardened to 60HRC and chrome plated
Bearing Radial Force Rating (N) 1000

Assembly Instructions

  1. Vention linear shafts come with mounting blocks pre-installed. Note if a custom length shaft with butt-end joints was ordered, they will be shiped with all mounting blocks installed except those at the intersection between shafts. In the case where a user is required to install a mounting block at a shaft intersection follow the following instructions:
    1. Apply Loctite 2760 to the threads of the M6x18mm fasteners provided.
    2. Align the two shafts so that the holes in the mounting block line up with the threaded holes in the shafts.
    3. Install the fasteners and torque to 11Nm using a torque wrench.
    4. When manipulating the shafts after the joining mounting bracket has been installed take care to support the joint so that it is not over loaded.
  2. Install the shaft to the corresponding extrusion frame using the provided M8 countersink fasteners and T-nuts.
  3. When installing Vention linear bearings, it is very important to leave the plastic sleeve insert inside the bearing. This sleeve will be pushed out automatically when the bearing is pushed onto the end of the shaft.
  4. Never remove bearings from a shaft after installation. This can lead to ball bearing elements falling out of the encasing and bearing failure.
  5. Finally, attach the bearings to associated gantry or actuator using the M8x12mm fasteners provided.

Roller Wheel Overview

Vention features two different rollers, concentric (MO-LM-001-0028) and eccentric (MO-LM-001-0027), for all your guided applications. Consisting of a fiber glass reinforced nylon wheel and a double-sealed deep-groove ball bearing, both rollers are compatible with all of Vention's gantries

Technical Specifications

Compatible Gantries
Bearing Axial Force Rating (N) 280
Bearing Radial Force Rating (N) 280

Assembly Instructions

  1. First, mount both concentric rollers to one side your gantry using the shallow locating holes. You can distinguish both types of rollers as the eccentric rollers include a flat surface on their shaft.
  2. Place the stationary extrusion that acts as the guide up against the concentric wheels such that the rollers rest perfectly within the V-groove of the extrusion.
  3. Mount both eccentric rollers to the gantry on the opposite side of the concentric rollers, with the extrusion in between both sets of rollers.
  4. To ensure both eccentric rollers are properly located along the extrusion, loosen the mounting screws and rotate the eccentric roller shafts until both wheels are unable to freely rotate along the extrusion and the extrusion is unable to move laterally.
  5. Hold the eccentric shaft’s position and tighten the screw up to 13Nm.

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