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Group & Ungroup

The group/ungroup feature in the MachineBuilder platform was designed to support the creation of logical groups, which can easily be moved, copied and re-used within an assembly.

Group & Ungroup main image.

To get started open an existing or new 3D design.

Once you've started a design you can simply click-and-drag or hold-ctrl-and-click to select a group.

click and drag to select.

ctrl and click to select.

Once you have completed your selection, you can click the group icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

This group of parts and subassemblies will now move and rotate together. However, individual connections remain intact.

You can click the tree view icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen to see your groups.

You can right-click groups in the tree view to bring up the option to rename them.

To ungroup one or several parts, select the parts and click the ungroup icon .

Grouping parts can be useful when reusing components of your design. Select the group and then use the ctrl+C and ctrl+V shortcuts to copy and paste the group into your design.

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