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Instant PDF Quotes

Vention users can now download a complete quote in PDF format at any step of checkout.

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Getting budgetary approval for a custom piece of equipment has historically been quite a painful process. Not only would you need to have a completed rough 3D design of the equipment, but 2D drawings were often required for engineering and tooling shops to complete their custom part quotation. Weeks later, each part would be quoted and a full bill of material could be rolled up. On average, the entire process would take two to four weeks based on the complexity of the equipment.

Vention now enables the entire process to take place in just a few clicks through the PDF quote feature. Here is how it works:

1) Complete your design using Vention’s cloud-based 3D MachineBuilder. You can create a design from scratch or search for one in Vention’s public library of assemblies.

2) Add the design to your shopping cart and jump to the cart review page.

3) Simply click the “Download PDF quote” button to download an itemized quote for your design. At this point, the quote will include the cost for all items in the assembly.

4) If you need to further customize your quote to add shipping cost, for example, simply go to next step of the checkout process to define your shipping address and shipping service (i.e., next day, freight, etc.). The button “Download PDF quote” will remain available at each checkout step and will capture any additional parameters you have defined.

Once you’ve downloaded the quote, it will also be automatically sent to you by email. You will also be offered the option to forward the quote to additional colleagues after the quote has been downloaded.

The entire process literally takes minutes from beginning to end. Want to see for yourself? Try the “PDF quote” feature today.

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