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Electric Cylinder Technical Datasheet

The Vention electric cylinder, powered by SMC, is the go to choice for high precision push and pull applications. The electric cylinder comes is a very similar form-factor as our pneumatic actuators but since they are driven by a stepper motor they offer precise positional, speed, and acceleration control.

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The electric cylinder actuator is a fully enclosed actuator based on a leadscrew mechanism. When the NEMA 17 motor rotates, the motion is transferred through the mechanism and converted to linear motion by the leadscrew which causes the protruding shaft to move in and out of the front face depending on the motor rotation direction. The use of a stepper motor allows for easy plug and play with the Vention MachineMotion controller and offers complete position, speed, and acceleration control.


Electric cylinders have a wide range of applications, from pneumatic or hydraulic actuator replacement for those who do not want to run a pneumatic or hydraulic system, to high precision positioning systems. Check out our public library for inspirations on how to integrate a electric cylinder within your design!

Technical Specifications

The electric cylinders are available in 3 lengths: 100mm stoke, 250mm stoke, and 400mm stoke. All 3 actuators are powered by the same NEMA 17 motor and they all share the same lead pitch. For this reason, the data shown below is common to all three models, with the stroke length and max speed being the only variables.

Displacement Ratio (mm/turn) 6 6 6
Stroke Length (mm) 100 250 400
Max Force (N) 255 255 255
Max Speed (mm/s) 450 450 300
Precision (mm) ± 0.02 ± 0.02 ± 0.02

Assembly Instructions

The electric cylinders come with two sheet metal brackets. These brackets can be attached to Vention extrusions or plates using M8 X 16mm fasteners and T-nuts as required. The end of the electric cylinder push rod is a female M8 X 1.25 thread. It is possible to attach other Vention parts such as the Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Push Block using a M8 X 20 fastener. Once the actuator is installed, simply connect the NEMA 17 motor connector to the MachineMotion controller via the 3m connector cable to begin operation.

Note that the NEMA 17 is rated to operate at a maximum of 1.68A so the associated motor driver should be set to a limit of 1.5A to ensure motor longevity. If the MachineMotion Controller and electrical cylinder were ordered together the system will come pre-configured for you.

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