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Information on how to setup and use your MachineMotion controller.

Controller FAQs

MachineMotion is a plug-and-play, single-box motion controller that includes everything you need for motion control: motor drives, power supply, control card, safety relay, and more. These components are all integrated into a complete system providing a true plug-and-play experience. 

For example,   motors and sensors come pre-wired with connectors and plug directly into the MachineMotion controller box. In short, MachineMotion saves clients from having to design and manufacture custom automation enclosures for their equipment.

The MachineMotion controller is fully modular, so you can easily connect e-stop modules, 24-V digital IO modules, linear axes and end of travel sensors.

You have three options for programming MachineMotion: the Vention URCap (when working with UR robots), our code-free MachineLogic interface (within MachineBuilder), and our Python SDK.

For more info about MachineMotion refer to our resource page

The MachineMotion 2 controller is certified to Canadian, US & European standards. Below are the standards that the MachineMotion 2 controller complies to:

North America

CSA C22.2 No. 274-17 (Electrical Safety)

ANSI/UL 61800-5-1 (Electrical Safety)

FCC Part 15 (EMC)

Europe - CE Complaint

EN 61800-5-1:2007/AMD1:2016 (Low Voltage Directive)

EN 61800-3:2017 (EMC Directive)

EN 55011:2016 (EMC Directive)

EN IEC 63000:2016 (RoHS Directive)

Even if you don’t purchase the Vention URCap software for Universal Robots, you can still save significant integration time with the MachineMotion controller. Unlike traditional PLCs, MachineMotion offers native support for URScript, which is a powerful programming language for Universal Robots.

The other main advantage is MachineMotion’s plug-and-play architecture: the fact that it offers a single-box solution prevents you from having to do complex integration work.

Yes. You can control MachineMotion controllers together in the same application using Python programming or through Vention’s URCap software (if you’re working with a Universal Robot). Note that MachineLogic does not currently support this functionality.