Product Validation & Testing

Your product test schedule is impacting your critical path. Poorly-designed test benches are making your test results less reliable than they should be.

Design and build your own test bench using Vention and never worry about the quality of your results again.

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Product Validation & Test

Design and build professional test benches in no time

Design and order

Design and order your customized test bench in a free and powerful 3D machine builder.

Vention library of designs

Use Vention's ever growing library
of designs
to jump-start or inspire your own custom design.

Get your design delivered next day

Get your equipment shipped
the next day, ready for you to assemble.

Reconfigure your test equipment

Reconfigure your test equipment as needed, leveraging Vention's library of modular parts.

Design, Order, Assemble

A single hardware and software environment to select parts, design, order, and assemble industrial equipment and prototypes

Test rig


Design your machine today. Get it shipped tomorrow.