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First Look: Machine Motion from Vention

It’s rare that I am caught off-guard by a new product. Being a tech writer, I tend to have a reasonable grasp on products that are on the horizon. So, when I was asked to write a first-look article on this new product, I can confirm that it is as much of a first-look for me as it is for many of you. And I must admit, I am fairly impressed.

Machine Design
The "IKEA of Custom Industrial Equipment" Enters Open Beta Stage

The service is highlighted for its ease-of-use, and same-day shipping of robust, modular parts used to build custom factory equipment.

Mtl intech red transitions to open-beta

Vention, a 3D industrial design platform, is transitioning to open-beta today.

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New Venture Competition Alumi 2017 Winners

Vention won 1st position and People's Choice Award at the regional finals of the HBS New Venture Competition, and is selected as Global Finalist for the Global competition on the April 25th, 2017 in Boston.

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Vention is selected as finalist for the Automate Launch Pad Startup Competition in Chicago

The 2017 Automate Launch Pad Startup competition highlights the industry’s most innovative young companies in robotics, machine vision, and motion control who are competing for the spotlight at the Automate 2017 Show and a $10,000 cash award. Sponsored by GE and co-produced by Silicon Valley Robotics, the competition provides innovative startup companies with an opportunity to generate awareness of their technology and find new sources of funding.

Digital engineering 9afb0a05295104f6e79ac33e901b4911b52c2ca1f259a86228372b96fe90d4ee Announces Beta Launch 3D Machine Builder Platform. recently announced via news release the beta launch of its browser-based 3D machine builder platform, enabling users to design and order their custom industrial equipment in just a few days.

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Browser-based 3D Machine Builder Platform from Vention Looks to Democratise Design.

A beta version of’s browser-based 3D machine builder platform has been launched, claiming that with its use of artificial intelligence it is paving the way for the ‘democratisation of mechanical engineering’.

Solidsmacks 3b1629d247d8bc7b6a6e4d4c745302548a4ae67a2976ab7bf4890a810e692d52 is a Web-based Machine Builder Platform & Social Marketplace

A Montreal-based startup is about to shake the world of design automation. Vention, a new browser-based machine builder platform, launched in beta today.

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Vention Has Launched an AI-based Machine Building Platform

Montreal start-up has announced the beta launch of a browser-based industrial machine building platform.

Des Lego Pour Adultes

La machine pour créer la machine qui fabrique des machines. C’est ce qu’a conçu en très peu de temps la jeune entreprise montréalaise Vention, qui inaugure aujourd’hui la première version publique de son système permettant aux usines de se créer elles-mêmes rapidement des appareils adaptés à leurs besoins.

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Vention Wants to Democratize Mechanical Engineering With AI-Based Platform.

By incorporating artificial intelligence in its platform, this Montreal startup is working to make the 3D design experience significantly easier and faster — not to mention more affordable — for smaller businesses working on lean automation and product validation.

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Vention Releases 3D Industrial Design Beta.

Founded in 2016 by a group of former mechanical and software engineers from McKinsey & Co, GE, Microsoft, and Pivotal, the platform scales-up the LEGO concept to the industrial level, with 3D design software and artificial intelligence (AI) support.