MachineBuilder™ allows you to design
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Design your equipment in minutes using automated mates and library of modular parts. See cost in real-time as your assembly evolves.

The most rigid and precise T-slot extrusion system

Learn how Vention's 3D Machine Builder™ can expedite your design

AI Enabled Part Placement
MachineBuilder Loaded with Modular Parts
Full Version and Collaboration Management Tools
FREE 3D Assembly CAD
Get access to 3D assembly software at no cost.
One-click Purchasing
Purchase your complete design directly from Vention's 3D environment. Receive your machine or prototype next day, ready for assembly.
Embedded Part Library
Design fully-functioning machines and prototypes in minutes using Vention's ever-growing library of modular parts.
100% Cloud-Based
Save yourself from installing another CAD software. 100% operating system and browser independent.
Real-time Design Cost
Get 100% accurate design cost in real-time, directly from the 3D interface.
Import and Export Features
Import custom parts to your Vention design or export your complete assembly to your local CAD software.
Automatic 3D Constraints
Create complex assemblies in minutes using automatic 3D constraints that mimic the experience of assembling a machine in the physical world.
Assembly Time Estimate
Know the estimated assembly time for your design directly from the 3D interface
Design Validation and Collaboration Tools
Accelerate your design-to-built process with an array of design and assembly tools, such as multi-user designs, weight and length measurements, properties management, and multi-user comments.

Vention's Community Marketplace

Vention's community marketplace enables users to search, modify,
and purchase hundreds of public designs.

Vention Library of Public Designs
Browse through an ever-expanding library of user-generated designs as a way to accelerate your ideation process before starting your own design
Perform a search of assemblies or even hidden sub-assemblies that leverages Vention’s powerful search and indexing technology designed to work in conjunction with Vention’s modular hardware platform.
Leverage the Vention community to get feedback on your design or seek input before buying someone else’s design. Filter user comments and reviews based on other users’ experience in your industry.