Lean Manufacturing Projects

You have 5 days to execute your Kaizen. Your solution requires new equipment, but you don't know where to find equipment that quickly.

Execute on time by designing and building the lean equipment you need in just a few days using Vention.

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Lean Manufacturing Projects

Execute your Lean project in less than one week

Accelerate your lean operations project

Accelerate your Kaizen by designing, ordering, and assembling your lean equipment in less than a week.

Save cost

Save cost by taking ownership of your own equipment design and implementation.

Access public designs

Get design ideas from other Lean practitioners active on the platform.

Empower front line workers

Empower front line workers to design their own equipment, using Vention's free and powerful 3D machine builder.

Drive continuous improvement

Drive continuous improvement by reconfiguring your designed equipment according to new workflow.

Design, Order, Assemble

A single hardware and software environment to select parts, design, order, and assemble industrial equipment and prototypes

Material handling equipment

Lean workstation

Design your machine today. Get it shipped tomorrow.