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Digital workflow that takes you all the way from idea to factory floor

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Design your conveyor online using hundred of modular parts

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Assemble and calibrate your conveyor

Simplicity and Endless Configuration

Whether you’re choosing a single or double aisle, gravity or automated conveyors, each configuration can be achieved with just a few parts.

Fully Customizable Conveyor Systems
With modular parts and easy automation, Vention conveyors can be deployed in days
Features & Specifications
Fully customizable for a broad range of applications
Infinately scalable system, using only 8 modular parts.
Build with high performance and reliability, with rollers powered by Interoll
Ready to deploy, with kit including all required fastners
Easily automate with MachineMotion™ plug & play controller
Configuration Single, Double Motion Gravity, Automated Max Weight 20 kg per roller Max Speed 2 m/s Roller Width 585 mm
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