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Welcome to My Team

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Oct 10th, 2019

Perhaps this was one of the most secretive, yet requested feature of the Vention platform this year. A private space where teams can easily collaborate and properly manage their designs throughout their lifecycle. Let’s take a closer look at this first version of My Team feature.

Navigation and Team Dashboard

Vention My Team 2.0 Designs Dashboard

Designs Dashboard

Upon logging into the platform, you’ll arrive at the new Team Dashboard. Here you’ll find a quick overview of your team's activity including team design by lifecycle status, recent designs, recent orders, and suggested next steps on the platform

The Team Design Overview gives you a quick glance at all the designs your team has created and their lifecycle status on the platform.

Recent Designs lets you jump back into your work, exactly where you left it. From there you can easily navigate to your entire design library, where you will discover an enhanced search function, new design filtering, and different view mode such as design card and design list.

In the main dashboard, Recent Orders lets you quickly see all the orders you’ve placed. It’s a handy way to check the status of each order as it progresses from created to shipped, delivered, and even available to re-order.

Lastly, Next Steps helps keep track of actions that need to be taken, such as continuing a tutorial. If you are the team administrator, you will quickly view any pending requests to join a team on Vention.

Lifecycle Management

Vention My Team 2.0 Designs Dashboard

Lifecycle Managment

With lifecycle management, each design can be tagged and tracked through the Team Design Overview Dashboard. This feature allows teams to quickly understand where their designs are situated in their workflow and facilitate the approval process between different team members and departments, such a design review team, procurement team, equipment commissioning team, etc.

All new designs begin as In progress and can be transitioned to the next lifecycle stage by a manual trigger or automatically. For example, requesting a Design Review, through the design review feature on Vention will automatically transition the design to Under Review . Similarly, ordering a design, will move such design to the Commissioned stage. Lastly, triggering a design to Ready-to-order will automatically alert all buyers in your team that an action is needed on their end.

Team Management

Vention My Team 2.0 Team Managment

Team Management Dashboard

My Team includes a brand new Team settings section, which are accessible from the My Team section on the main dashboard.

You can now assign multiple administrators to one team. This gives you more options regarding who can design on the platform, make purchases using the corporate account, and appoint other team admins.

Admins are still responsible for membership approval, although all members retain the right to invite additional members. Admins are also able to edit your team’s profile and description.

Want to experience My Team today? Simply logged into your Vention account to discover how it can help you better manage your design process.

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