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Pneumatics meets digital engineering

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Nov 7th, 2019
Vention X SMC Pneumatcis

Our family of linear actuators just got bigger and better! We’re introducing Vention’s new pneumatic lineup powered by SMC, a modular set of components fully integrated with Vention’s digital engineering platform.

Vention’s pneumatic system

With this addition to the Vention platform, pneumatic systems finally meet digital engineering. You can now add pneumatic components to your cloud-based 3D design using MachineBuilder , then program and simulate the components using MachineLogic, Vention’s visual sequence editor. After ordering the designed equipment, simply download your programmed sequence from your web browser and run it directly on your MachineMotion to get a fully functional pneumatic solution.

To provide this cloud-to-shop-floor experience, we ensure that all mechanical and control interfaces respect Vention’s hardware architecture standard. This means you can mount the pneumatic components on Vention’s T-slot extrusions, and they’re compatible with the entire portfolio of Vention modular parts.

Likewise, you can easily connect the pneumatic valves to Vention’s MachineMotion controller, through our digital IO module. The digital IO module can then be programmed directly in your web browser using MachineLogic, or on the shop floor using the MachineMotion pendant. For step-by-step guidance on how to program a pneumatic system using MachineLogic, watch the video tutorial below.

The Vention community has already developed a range of equipment leveraging pneumatic components. To get a sense of the design possibilities, browse our public design library.

Vention Tube-cutting Machine

Tube-cutting machine leveraging pneumatics for clamping.

Vention Material Pusher

Material pusher

Pneumatic design considerations

Whether for closing and opening doors, pushing trays along a conveyor, or clamping parts in a jig, pneumatic components provide a lightweight yet powerful way to induce motion and force. It’s worth noting that for safety purposes, we’ve designed Vention’s pneumatic system to lose all holding pressure when turned off intentionally or in the case of an emergency stop.

Vention’s pneumatic lineup includes the following components: an air preparation station, a multi-output manifold with valves, and double-acting cylinders.

For facilities with integrated compressed air, you can connect the house line directly to the industrial quick-connect fitting that’s provided with our range of manifolds. The house line can also be connected to our air preparation station, which includes a regulator and filter all-in-one unit, as well as a safety release valve. The preparation station allows for more precise pressure regulation and cleaner air.

Pneumatic Air Preparation Station

Pneumatic Air Preparation Station

The house air line (or air preparation station) can be connected to your choice of station manifold with one, two, three, or four valves. The valves feature three different positions when paired with our cylinders: fully extended, fully retracted, and open exhaust. The latter allows all the air to safely be exhausted when a safety sequence is initiated. You can operate these valves independently via Vention’s digital IO module.

1-4 Valve Pneumatic Manifold

1-4 Valve Pneumatic Manifolde

The final piece of our pneumatic ecosystem is the actuators. These compact cylinders come in 100-mm and 200-mm stroke variants and feature two inlets for two-way action. At a maximum pressure of 0.7 Mpa (101.5 psi), they can produce a pushing and pulling force of 563 N and 422 N, respectively..

All cylinders include Vention-sized mounting brackets, push-to-connect fittings, and the tubing you need to hit the ground running without worrying about integration details. Pair the cylinders with our ever-expanding range of end effectors and accessories to get the most out of your design.

Compact Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Compact Double Acting Pneumatic Actuator

Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Push Block

Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Push Block

With our new pneumatics ecosystem, the movement possibilities are endless. Start creating your next automation design with Vention pneumatics, powered by SMC.

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