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Vention Turns 3

Today marks Vention’s third anniversary. Since our company culture is rooted in speed and action, we rarely take the time to pause and reflect on our accomplishments. But today, it feels right to look back on our progress over the past three years.

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jul 11th, 2019

We started this company three years ago with the goal of bringing simplicity, efficiency, and accessibility to the world of machine design and industrial equipment. We were ambitious—aiming to build a 3D design system (MachineBuilder), modular hardware system (Vention’s T-slot extrusions), code-free plug-and-play automation solution (MachineMotion), and an e-commerce platform (—all in parallel, and all with an overarching business tying it all together. We ultimately believed that bringing every aspect of machine design together under one roof would create a more fluid process that benefits everyone.

While lots of people found our vision intriguing, many warned us we were trying to do too much in an industry that was too complex, too firmly established, and too difficult to innovate in. Maybe we were naïve, but we chose to embrace the challenge and get to work.

We have come a long way since Vention’s inception. We’ve expanded not only our product offerings—including our hardware system, design capabilities, automation solutions, and a robust e-commerce platform—but also our team, partnerships. and head office itself. We’re serving multinationals and surprising them with our speed and efficiency, and we’re also serving smaller clients where our simplicity and accessibility make a huge difference. Most of our customers are repeat clients. We believe these are signs that we are on the right path.

By the way, take a look at our new 12,000 square-foot warehouse! We’re expanding our office to better serve our customers.

Vention Warehouse 2019 Vention Warehouse 2019

There is still, however, a lot to do, and our plan going forward is as ambitious as ever. We’re incredibly grateful for the support of all the customers and partners who believe in our vision. We’re excited about the next three years.

Vention team 2019

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