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Vention's CEO was at Centech this week to Lecture on Iterative Product Development

Etienne Lacroix spoke this week at the Center for Technology Entrepreneurship in Montreal.

Bre Hargreaves Director of Product Management / May 19th, 2017

Vention's CEO was invited to CentTech, the École de Technologie Supérieure's startup accelerator, to provide a lecture on iterative product development in hardware.

"Too often engineering-intensive startups get trapped into focusing on R&D and forget to think about the core assumptions that could really make or break their business model. It's important to understand those assumptions from the get go, and ensure the R&D roadmap includes experiments to validate or invalidate those early in the process" says Vention's founder & CEO Etienne Lacroix.

Throughout the lecture, Centech's entrepreneurs were exposed to the market trends that have favored the emergence of iterative development methods, the specificities of these methods and the tools needed by the engineer to excel in this new reality.

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