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Vention partners with SCHUNK to further simplify the design and commissioning of robot cells

Michael Di Staulo Content Marketing Manager / Jan 23rd, 2020
Vention X Schunk

Manufacturers today expect fast design, simple implementation, and easy operation of automated robot cells. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with SCHUNK, a leading brand in gripping systems. With years of experience in handling and assembly automation, SCHUNK provides customers with industry-leading gripper systems that are precise, long-lasting, and robust.

With this new partnership, users can now add pneumatic or electric grippers to the end of robot arms (like those from Universal Robots) within MachineBuilder 3D, Vention’s free online CAD software. All SCHUNK grippers available on Vention are equipped with the ISO 50 flange for easy mounting onto collaborative robots.

This partnership also brings new capabilities to our Robot Reach Study feature. Within the CAD robot reach study environment, you can now connect grippers directly to the arm for a more accurate view of the full application, making it easy to assess your robot cell design in terms of robot type, gripper size and TCP, and custom Vention equipment.

Vention X Schunk robot reach machinebuilder

SCHUNK grippers are also compatible with Vention’s MachineMotion controller. Use the Vention Digital IO module to connect a gripper to the controller and enhance your cartesian robot capabilities. For more information, contact

Electric collaborative flexible gripper

Flexible gripper with long, adjustable stroke for applying constant force in simple cobot applications.

  • Stroke (per jaw): 40 mm
  • Grip force: 100 N
  • Recommended Payload: 0.5 kg

Vention conveyor workstation

Electric collaborative parallel gripper

For gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with flexible force, such as in assembly areas, electronics, and machine tool loading.

  • Stroke (per jaw): 6 mm
  • Grip force: 140 N
  • Recommended Payload: 0.7 kg

Vention conveyor workstation

Pneumatic long-stroke gripper

For gripping delicate workpieces that require a long jaw stroke and a variety of grip positions.

  • Stroke (per jaw): 28 mm
  • Grip force: 320 N
  • Recommended Payload: 2 kg

Vention conveyor workstation

Pneumatic 2-finger parallel gripper

Features compact with T-slot guidance for precise handling of different workpieces; ensures minimal interfering contours in handling.

  • Stroke (per jaw): 10 mm
  • Grip force: 660 N
  • Recommended Payload: 3.3 kg

Vention conveyor workstation

Pneumatic 3-finger centric gripper

High grip force and maximum movements thanks to multi-tooth guidance—for precise handling (e.g. circular requirements).

  • Stroke (per jaw): 6 mm
  • Grip force: 580 N
  • Recommended Payload: 2.9 kg

Vention conveyor workstation

Vention enables engineers and manufacturing professionals to design, order and assemble custom industrial equipment in just a few days. Now, get more out of your automation with SCHUNK grippers .

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