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Vention’s web-based machine design and industrial automation platform is now available in Europe

We are proud to announce that Vention’s machine design and industrial automation platform now supports transactions in European and Canadian currencies. In addition, we have extended our partnership with UPS, enabling more efficient logistic services and improved tariffs across continental Europe.

Jennifer Sewell Marketing Director / Apr 20th, 2020

Since inception in 2016, we made it a priority to help manufacturers accelerate their manufacturing automation journey. With an initial focus on the US and Canada, today we are serving over 1,000 factories across three continents. Several of our clients have global operations with redundant assembly lines spanning multiple continents. Standardization of equipment across geographies has always been a key priority. For that reason, client project teams are often structured to include members from multiple sites, from Japan to Germany and UK to USA. The cloud-based nature of Vention has enabled us to support multi-factory (and multi-continent) teams from the beginning, but up until recently all transactions were in USD, which was not always ideal. Adding Euro and Canadian currency will make it easier for us to serve our global clients.

“Our international client-base has grown significantly over the last 2 years. Our clients often have a global presence and want to ensure their industrial automation standards are shared across their network of manufacturing plants. Offering transactional capabilities in Euro and CAD is a first step towards an improved experience for those clients” said Etienne Lacroix, CEO and Co-Founder at Vention.

The demand for factory equipment is also shifting. Shorter product life cycles are reducing the window to build and depreciate factory equipment, and next generation manufacturers are seeking e-commerce experiences from their B2B vendors. Buy it today, receive it tomorrow. Next day shipping has always been a key part of our value proposition to Canadian and US clients. To extend that offer to our European clients we have expanded our partnership with UPS. European clients will now have access to accelerated shipping as well as improved shipping rates, the equivalent to those paid by US and Canadian customers.

Shipping services available across Europe will include:

Type of shipment Restrictions Business days before shipment Transit time Total lead time
Next day
Parcel Only for orders under 6,000 € 1 2-3 4
Parcel Size restrictions (no extreme lengths) 3+ 3-4 6-7
Freight Not available for orders where parcel is cheaper 3+ 6-9 9-12

This milestone marks the next phase in Vention’s long-term investment and commitment to the European market. Large industrial companies such as Green Tweed, Universal Robots, and Hexagon already trust Vention to design, simulate, procure and commission their automated equipment and we look forward to continuing to develop relationships with our European partners.

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