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Vention, Driven by Rack and Pinion

Our new Rack and Pinion is a versatile actuator that bridges the gap between the timing belt actuator and ball screw. Optimize your linear motion by mounting Vention components for faster travel speeds, heavier-duty applications and compact multi-axis machines.

David MacHattie Junior Mechanical Engineer / Jun 4th, 2019

Our new actuator bridges the gap between the timing belt actuator and ball screw. The actuator can be combined with our range of NEMA 34 motors and gearbox to build actuators with fast travel speeds, as well as heavier-duty applications with loads of up to 1000 N per rack and pinion actuator.

Vention Pinion

The rack and pinion actuator is comprised of two main components: the pinion housing, and the rack segments (available in lengths of 540 mm and 810 mm). The pinion housing provides compact housing for the actuator pinion, the supporting shaft, and bearings, and allows for the mounting of any Vention motor or power transmission component. It also lets you mount many other Vention components—such as extrusions, assembly plates, and gantry plates—to create compact multi-axis machines.

Vention Rack Assembly

The Rack and Pinion has a displacement of 157.08 mm per input rotation.

The rack segments’ unique design means you can combine any number of 540 mm and 810 mm segments. The racks are designed to create a seamless butt joint: install them directly in the groove of an extrusion for a clean, tucked-away look. These main components are complemented by end stops that mount directly to the rack and enable installation of Vention M18 sensors.

Vention End Stop

The actuator is well suited to both low-load and high-speed applications, such as in robot range extenders. When equipped with a gearbox, it can handle loads up to 1000 N. This makes the Rack and Pinion a versatile actuator, equally suited to deployment as a robot range extender or a heavy-duty Z-axis! To find out more about what the new linear actuator can do, check out the detailed technical document.

Take a look at the Rack and Pinion in action in this 8m Overhead Range Extender.

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