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Four Vention Automation Partners, four solutions, four successful deployments

June 11, 2024 | Quinn Harker

In this article, we’ll explore how four Vention Automation Partners (VAPs) created four unique robotic applications for distinct clients.

  • Machine tending for lights-out production by Automation Engineering Company (AEC)
  • 6-axis elastic stapling machine by Turner Machine Development (TMD)
  • Multi-station thickness scanners by JMC Motion
  • Machine tending of delicate parts by Gasbarre

Automating machine tending for lights-out production


Automation Engineering Company (AEC) was tasked with achieving lights-out machine operation for their client.

Through its partnership with Vention, AEC created a custom machine tending cell utilizing a Vention Range Extender, MachineMotion for plug & play motion control, a full safety system, and a robot base for a FANUC CRX10ia/L robot arm. 

“Filling in labor shortages while offering high-quality, consistent outputs has been a challenge since the pandemic. AEC’s machine tending solution filled that void while providing the flexibility to run multiple part families with minimal changeover and no robot or programming background required.” —Jonathan Madkins, Automation Specialist

Despite the project’s complexity, AEC leveraged Vention’s Manufacturing Automation Platform to create an innovative machine tending solution. With intuitive software and modular hardware supported by an expert team, AEC delivered a solution on time and within budget, allowing the client to operate lights out for up to 20 hours. This enables the employees to focus on more value-added tasks and increase productivity without sacrificing quality. 

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Optimizing production efficiency with automated stapling


Turner Machine Development’s (TMD) client needed to increase production to meet a monthly demand target. However, their current manual process resulted in cycle time inconsistencies.

The client’s unique needs required a custom solution that would fit seamlessly into the existing production line. TMD turned to MachineBuilder, Vention’s 3D CAD design environment, to create this automated stapling machine from scratch.

“Vention’s design platform and modular hardware enabled us to quickly provide a quality and affordable solution to meet our customer’s needs.” —Keagan Turner, President & Founder

By utilizing MachineBuilder, TMD was able to design with unmatched speed and ease of use, benefiting from thousands of compatible components, automatic part connection, and real-time pricing and order tracking. The resulting solution allowed for 12 staples per minute, a rapid 5-minute changeover, and over 1,000 configurable recipes. This rectified cycle time inconsistencies and streamlined the client’s manual processes.

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Improving quality in sheet extrusion manufacturing


JMC Motion was tasked with helping a client reduce scrap and rework efforts in their sheet extrusion process. The client was looking for a creative automation solution within a short timeframe. 

In partnership with Vention and its engineering team, JMC designed, programmed, and deployed multi-station thickness scanners for process control of continuously extruded sheets. The solution seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing extrusion lines and has upstream data for process adjustments and downstream finished product thickness verification.

“Working with Vention as a Vention Automation Partner (VAP) allows us to deliver fast and robust solutions to our customers. Not only benefiting the end user, but simultaneously reducing design time and streamlining project management.” —Justin Juhan, Owner

Thanks to the modularity offered by the Vention platform and its components, JMC is already planning on integrating new systems within this solution, further increasing scrap reduction, process control, and traceability. These advancements are made possible with Vention’s MachineBuilder and modular hardware.

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Automating unloading with precision and efficiency


Gasbarre was challenged to create a system that would unload delicate parts from a Gasbarre 30T Hydraulic press and precisely place them onto a tray system.

The solution demanded a robust and stable structure with minimal lateral movement to achieve this process. Vention was selected as the primary structural hardware supplier for its superior guarding system, which met performance requirements and enhanced the structure’s aesthetics. 

“Vention’s products were crucial in the success of our project. From the MachineMotion to the safety area scanner and servo drive, these products proved instrumental in safely unloading delicate pressed parts onto a tray system. Their technical design assistance was invaluable, especially considering the diverse range of parts we needed to handle.” —Heath Jenkins, President, Press & Automation

Initially, Gasbarre partnered with Vention for its rigid hardware. They continued the collaboration due to Vention’s technical design assistance and the ease of use of its plug-and-play products, such as the safety area scanner and servo drive. 

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