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URCap for Linear Motion from Vention

Explore key features and benefits including multiple set-points, best-in-class precision, and quick commissioning.

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Dec 12th, 2018

Last week we offically released our UR+ Certified 7th Axis Range Extender. As part of this release our URCap is now available for use with our plug-and-play MachineMotion Controller.

You can now quickly and easily bring your UR and Vention control programs together to move your robot where and when you need them to be to fulfil their task.

In this blog we will explore the key features and benefits that make Vention's range extender stand out.

Multiple Set Points

Vention's URCap allows for multiple set point definitions along the axis. With a repeatability of +/- 0.25mm, the Universal Robots can execute precise motion control sequences requiring multiple positions along the 7th axis. This features comes very handy for extra long 7th axis, with a single robot tending several machines.

Speed & Acceleration Configuration

Vention's URCap allows for each segment (distance between two set points) to have custom speed and acceleration parameters. This enables more complex automation sequences that can be easily programmed through the UR teach pendant.

Precise Absolute and Relative Motion Control

Create automation sequences using either absolute or relative coordinates for each set point. Ensure accuracy and calibration of your 7th axis using Vention's automatic homing sequence, once again, directly accessible from the UR teach pendant.

Customizable 7th Axes

Vention's UR Cap is compatible with full-size, compact and verticial 7th axis. This includes extra-long axes. There is only one simple URCap to use, regardless of the 7th axis use case.

Sample of designs in the public library

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