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Test Jig goes from "Idea" to "In-service" in less than 1 week for Argon 18

Montreal-based high-end race & triathlon bike manufacturer is not only racing the track. See how they used Vention to speed-up their new product validation

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / May 16th, 2017
Agron18 Test Jig, Vention drop test bench

When you are designing some of the best high-end race bikes on the planet, your product development cycle also feels like a race.

The sophistication of Argon 18's product development process called for exhaustive product validation prior to commercial launch, and re-scheduling the bike season isn’t an option.

Using, Argon 18's mechanical engineering team was able to design, order and assemble a “frontal impact” test bench in less than one week from "idea" to “in-service”.

Upon completing a first version of their test bench, Vention’s support team helped them optimize the design of the bench for structural rigidity and cost effectiveness.

After 2 days of design iteration, the concept was frozen and an order was placed for delivery 2 days later.

This new test setup will ensure Argon 18's carbon fiber race bikes achieve the highest standards in term of impact resistance to weight ratio.

Also interested in speeding-up your product test cycle?

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