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Vention Launches its Certified System Integrator Program To Support Large Factory Automation Projects via its Digital Platform

Vention, a next-generation digital manufacturing platform for automated equipment, announced today the launch of its Certified System Integrator (CSI) Program, which will further expand its services from online machine design and programming to the field commissioning of equipment at end clients’ facilities. Building on Vention’s “design-to-order” digital workflow, the CSI Program enables end clients to deploy complex factory automation projects — all while maintaining the ease-of-use and speed expected of the Vention platform.

Bre Hargreaves VP Product / Apr 16th, 2019

Upon completing an online equipment design, Vention clients are now able to connect with trusted system integrators for value-added services, such as equipment assembly, machine calibration and commissioning, custom software development, maintenance services, and operator training.


Vention’s Certified System Integrator (CSI) Network currently provides coverage with partners based in California, Texas, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Eastern Europe. Coverage in other regions, notably coast-to-coast USA, Mexico, and Western Europe, will be progressively rolled out in 2019.

“Since our first release in 2017, the Vention platform has matured considerably,” says Patrick Halde, VP of Business Development at Vention. “Our clients are working on projects ranging from designing complex automated equipment to automating an entire section of their factory floor. Vention’s CSI Network will enable us to broaden our scope of services all the way to field commissioning.”

The CSI Program benefits end clients by providing:


A curated list of trusted system integrators with in-depth knowledge of Vention’s technology Flexible value-added services, from simple assembly to complete turnkey solutions On-site support for equipment designed and ordered on the Vention platform

System integrators selected to join Vention’s CSI Program have specific expertise in their given geographies, notably in machine design, industrial automation and automation software development. In addition, Certified System Integrators have taken part in a comprehensive on-site training on the entire digital stack of the Vention platform, including Vention’s 3D MachineBuilder™, MachineMotion™ controller, and plug-and-play automation components.


“We are proud to partner with a company that not only offers a superior product but is highly responsive and delivers in days instead of weeks,” says Doug Spinn, President at Robot27 now part of Vention’s network of trusted integrators. “There is no doubt that Vention is the automation company we want to partner with.”

System integrators interested in learning more about the CSI Program are welcome to reach out to Vention at


Vention is a next-generation digital manufacturing platform for machine design, enabling engineers and other manufacturing professionals to design, order and assemble custom factory equipment in just a few days. Vention’s AI-enabled, cloud-based MachineBuilder 3D™ integrates a comprehensive library of modular parts for application such as robot cell, tooling, and automated equipment. Vention is headquartered in Montreal, Canada, and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures.

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