Software stop feature enables you to activate, release and reset your machine directly from MachineMotion pendant

Jennifer Sewell Marketing Director / Mar 3rd, 2020
Vention Software Stop Feature

Emergency stop buttons are an age old - and critical - component to almost any industrial automation system; they bring machines to a controlled standstill in the event of a malfunction or dangerous situation, and help prevent injury or damage to the machine.

However, if the e-stop button has been accidentally hit and the operator is unaware, they may associate the stopped machine with a wider issue. Vention’s new software-stop feature compliments the emergency stop switch, where the operator is alerted the moment the e-stop switch has been activated. It enforces an additional layer of safety, forcing the operator to ‘release’ the software stop and ‘reset’ the machine before the program can run again.

Key benefits

Pendant with status light

Readability: Visual queues allow operators to quickly visualize the state of their machine. Located on the front of the MachineMotion controller, there is a status light to display the state of the controller at any point in time.

When the machine is in e-stop, the light will turn red and a popup will appear in the pendants ControlCenter.

Control Center with software stop

Two-step protocol: To release their machine, operators have a new and mandatory two step process, where they first have to physically release the e-stop button and second interact with the pop up in the pendant’s ControlCenter.

Vention creating a panel

Accessibility: The software stop provides an additional method to stop the machine, complimenting the physical e-stop device. The software stop feature allows operators to interact with their safety system directly from their Vention pendant.

For more information on the new software stop feature, read the MachineMotion controller manual

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